Doctor and Dude Show - Bowl Mania!

It's bowl season on the Doctor and Dude Show.  The boys break down a number of college football matchups, try to squeeze a few more bets on the NFL's regular season, and peruse the Super Bowl futures.  Plus, there's only one way for 2011 to go out - fighting, UFC style!

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Doctor and Dude Show - ACC and Pac-12 Basketball

Is it east vs. west, or man against man?  In this holiday edition of the Doctor and Dude Show, the boys break down ACC and Pac-12 basketball, the Doctor rants about NFL teams that laid week 15 eggs, and the Dude explores the seedy underbelly of professional darts.  Happy holidays to the Doctor and Dude nation!

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Doctor and Dude Show - Big 10 Basketball Edition

Continuing with their college basketball analysis, the boys tackle Big 10 basketball and try to determine if the Hoosiers are for real.  Also, Steelers vs. Niners and Patriots vs. Broncos highlights week 15 of the NFL.

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Doctor and Dude Show - Big East Basketball

The Dude has love for the Big East and none for Tim Tebow.  He and the Doctor talk NFL lines, Army vs. Navy, and which teams from one of college basketball's toughest conference will be dancing in March.

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Doctor and Dude Show - College Football Championship Week

In the final week of college football, the Doctor and Dude break down championship game action and an LSU/Alabama rematch.  Plus, gambling on the Republican nominee for President...does anyone want to win this thing?

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Doctor and Dude Show - College Football Rivalry Week

As college football winds to a close, the boys dissect rivalry week, more NFL injuries, and Clemson's woeful play of late.  Plus, which Canadian football team will rule them all - Winnipeg or British Columbia?

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Doctor and Dude Show - NFL Quarterback Injuries Edition

With several NFL passers limping into Week 10, the boys break down how their teams will respond.  Plus two sports that last longer than a UFC match: ice skating and professional wrestling!

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Doctor and Dude Show - Boxing + UFC = Fight Night!

With the Steelers off the table for discussion, the boys focus on LSU's big win, the out of control Jay Cutler hate, and who might have a good shot at winning the NCAA tournament (hint: the Dude wasn't high on Duke).  Plus, Saturday night is Fight Night!

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Doctor and Dude Show - Vegas Fallout

Can the Steelers get two big home wins in a row?  Will Texas A&M ever win a big matchup again?  Did the Dude shave off his 'stache?  The answers to these and other questions are answered this week on the Doctor and Dude Show!

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Doctor and Dude Best of Vegas Show

Live from Vegas, the boys record their Best of Vegas Show, jam packed with tips and recommendations to make your Vegas trip memorable.  Plus, bonus tips from our special Vegas correspondent, Joe!

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