With 2012 coming to a close, the Doctor and Dude look back on the most surprising football teams of the year - for good AND for ill.  Plus, the boys disagree about a critical NFC North showdown and make more bowl picks to ring in the New Year.

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The boys haven't talked about the already overexposed Jets much this season, but with their latest meltdown wrecking any chance at the playoffs, the Doctor and Dude discuss where New York can go from here.  Plus, the Dude responds to a little Steelers/Bengals trash talk fresh from the mailbag!

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With a mere three weeks of NFL action to go, the boys discuss which teams will punch their playoff tickets the rest of the way.  Plus the Dude give strategies for betting on bowls and mocks the NFL commisioner's rough weekend.

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There's a lot of consensus on who will win the Heisman Race (hint: his last name is Football), but that won't stop the boys from gambling on it.  Plus, the Dude tries to get rich making predictions about English royalty.

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In the last week of college football's regular season, the boys talk Big 10, SEC, and even MAC football. Plus, who will earn the final wild card berth in the NFC?

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Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful for everyone in the Doctor and Dude Nation that makes this show possible.  It's also time to eat lots of food and gamble on sports!  The boys examine upcoming lines for football, basketball, and the sweet science of boxing.

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Quarterback injuries ran rampant through the NFL in week 10.  While the Dude hopes for a quick recovery for Big Ben, the boys look at the future prospects of several teams.  Plus, the Dude reaches out to fans in northern Europe with some gambling advice for Swedish hockey!

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With an ugly matchup looming between the Cowboys and Eagles this week, the boys discuss the future of several NFL coaches.  Have the players quit on the season?  Also, the Doc turns heel in college football while the Dude dreams of gambling on U.S. Presidency futures!

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With the Doc finally back from his international travels, the boys are reunited to talk gambling on the NFL, college football, and even the start of the NBA season. Plus, a big congratulations to the San Francisco Giants!

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Doctor and Dude Show - Recovering from Vegas

After a hard weekend of debauchery in Las Vegas, the boys are dragging a bit heading into the show. Fortunately they have plenty left in the tank to discuss football, the MLB playoffs, and Swedish hockey!

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