Doctor and Dude Show - Miami Heat Drama

There's a lot of drama surrounding the Miami/Indiana series, and the boys are covering it from every angle. Who does the Dude like in Game 3? The answer may surprise you. Plus, the Doc talks about his Boston trip and the Dude discusses the finer points of gambling on the business world.

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Doctor and Dude Show - Hail the LA Kings Edition!

Plenty of surprises in the sports world to dissect this week, including the Bulls' lethargic performance against Philadelphia and the Los Angeles Kings becoming the new powerhouse of the NHL.  Plus, the boys check in on the Dude's season long baseball wager with his have the Pirates and Indians looked so far?

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Doctor and Dude Show - Rose Injury and Chicago Bulls Fallout

The Bulls are down a point guard and Chicago's title hopes suddenly look bleak.  This week the Dude gives a report after watching them live (while not busy drinking in his luxury box) and breaks down the rest of the NBA playoff picture.  Plus, grown men fighting and grown horses racing...what a time of year!

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Doctor and Dude Show - Buying and Selling Los Angeles Baseball

Lots of talk about the LA this week, as the boys give some deserved respect to the Kings, look at the playoff chances for the Lakers, and decide whether they're buying or selling on a pair of LA baseball teams.  Plus, the Dude teaches us all how to gamble on the NFL Draft!

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Doctor and Dude Show - NHL First Round Update

As the NHL playoffs continue, the boys check in on their series wagers, the Dude acknowledges some Penguins-related taunts from the D&D nation, and there have been some big shifts in the Stanley Cup futures market.  Plus, some first hand baseball scouting from the Dude: is he buying or selling on the White Sox and Orioles?

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Doctor and Dude Show - NHL First Round

The NHL always delivers in the postseason, and so do the Doctor and Dude!  They predict the outcome of each series, hit on some of the Dude's favorite NHL playoff prop bets, and cover a host of other sports as well.  Plus, Ozzie Guillen loves Castro...what???

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Doctor and Dude Show - Wrestlemania Wrapup

The Dude recaps his journey to Miami for Wrestlemania, Ring of Honor, and Dragon's Gate action and the boys give some deserved credit to the winners of the "Fans of the Doctor and Dude Show" basketball pool.  And don't worry, they found time for some picks too!

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Doctor and Dude Show - Final Four College Basketball

It's down to the Final Four teams left standing in March Madness.  Who will cut down the nets in New Orleans?  The Doctor and Dude make their predictions.  Plus the Doc interviews Buckeye Bryan about his National League MLB predictions and the Dude talks more wrestling on the eve of his big Wrestlemania trip!

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Doctor and Dude Show - Wrestlemania Special 2012

Betting on professional wrestling? Yes it's a real thing, and the Doctor and Dude have you covered for all the action at Wrestlemania XXVIII. Plus, in a nod to his love of the Independent Circuit, the Dude makes up lines for Ring of Honor and Dragon's Gate events scheduled for the same weekend.  Wrestling and gambling...together at last!

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Doctor and Dude Show - Sweet Sixteen Edition

The NFL has gone crazy, and now the Doctor and Dude are here to put things back in perspective. How will Denver do with Peyton? What's the plan in New York? And is Seattle a playoff team? Plus, sweet sixteen basketball action takes center stage!

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