With Wrestlemania 30 right around the corner, the boys are ready to bring you all the latest "gambling on wrestling" news available. The Dude shares his thoughts on the WWE Network, breaks down the lines for the big show, and makes up a few of his own for the independent promotions. If you're a fan of gambling on wrestling (and who isn't?), then you can't afford to miss this episode of The Doctor and Dude Show!

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Ready to fill out your bracket, Doctor and Dude Nation?  Well the boys are back for this yearly rite of passage and ready to help.  Sure, they've been wrong before (why, New Mexcio???) but that won't stop them from trying again.  Plus, the Dude explores a tradition like no other...

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As winter freezes my sorry self in Chicago, with mixed emotions I'm announcing an indifinite hiatus for the Doctor and Dude Show.  Life's busy as you all know, and  it's been a challenge lately to get a show up for you, the Doctor and Dude Nation, that is up to the standards we hold.  Our little show has been going for almost three years with well over one hundred episodes, but for now we're going to take a break.  Maybe we'll be back, maybe sooner, maybe later.  Who knows.  Keep your eye on our Facebook, Twitter, and here and don't be a stranger.  I hope you take many trips to the pay window very soon!

The Dude

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The Dude's mind is blown with all the football going on in this action packed edition of the Doctor and Dude Show.  He talks every single bowl game, despite not knowing the name of a single one.  Check it out and get the inside scoop on the Slim Jim Bowl only at www.doctoranddude.com!

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The Dude is running fast and dirty this week with a quick breakdown of NFL week 15 and promises of bowl specials to come!

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The Dude is flying solo this week and he's breaking down the all the college action including the college conference championships.  He breaks down the NFL and does the People's Choice Awards one better and gives his Dude's Choice Awards!  Check it out now!

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The Dude is flying solo this week and feeling in the festive holiday spirit.  He's counting down what he's thankful for and touches on football, Slim Jims, the ladies, beheading turkeys with karate chops, and of course his beloved Steelers.  Be thankful and check it out!

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The Dude is back and gabbering on for a while about all the news of the day.  He talks the Steelers not being losers, Big Ten football, how to avoid pesky children, and fisticuffs!  Check it out now for all this and more only at www.doctoranddude.com!

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Your old pal the Dude is all by his lonesome tonight as Joe C. has truly found something far more important than taking a trip to the pay window, and that's saying something!  The Dude rambles on about the week that was in football, the debacle that is Florida professional football, the wonder that is Florida State football, reality tv betting odds, and unleashes a diatribe on the state of wrestling today.  It's more Dude than any one show should be forced to handle, but check it out now only at the Doctor and Dude Show!

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Has the Dude forsaken the Steelers? Joe has some hot tips about a Pirate themed sports team, and no, it's not the Bucs OR the Buccos. Hockey is happening. Sports writers puts words in Dez Bryant's mouth, and that's just lazy writing. Which era of wrestling was the best era? Mega-teasers, smart sports bets.  Also, how to use the Jerky Boys to rattle a QB. And more possibly fake sponsors than can be listed here.

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