The Doctor and The Dude Show - 7/27/11

The NFL is back!  The Dude can't contain his excitement as football draws near.  Get ready for NFL, college, and even Arena League action!

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The Doctor and The Dude Show - 7/20/11

After some ribbing from Harry Potter fans, the Dude responds in his typically fair and even-measured fashion.  Plus baseball picks and college football futures.

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The Doctor and The Dude Show - 7/13/11

The Doctor and Dude cover second half baseball action, the British Open, and Austrian soccer.  Plus...Harry Potter?!?

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The Doctor and The Dude Show - 7/6/11

Buckeye Bryan helps the guys preview baseball's second half action.  This week it's the National League breakdown!  Plus baseball bets and Formula One racing.

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The Doctor and The Dude Show - 6/29/11

Special Guest Buckeye Bryan helps the Doctor and Dude break down second half baseball action in the American League.  Who do they like to take the AL Pennant?  Plus Dude's lines around the world for both the French and American fans!

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The Doctor and The Dude Show - 6/22/11

The Doctor and Dude talk all things MLB, except for one team that shall remain nameless (cough Pittsburgh).  Plus football talk, both domestic and abroad, and Ring of Honor wrestling.

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The Doctor and The Dude Show - 6/15/11

With the NBA and NHL playoffs finished, the Doctor and Dude give their final impressions.  Hint: Dirk was great, Lebron less so.  And for those who prefer sports betting picks to armchair psychology, baseball rolls on with the Pirates threatening the sunny side of .500.  Plus, more mailbag questions answered, and a Dude's Lines Around the World potpourri!

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The Doctor and The Dude Show - 6/8/11

Is Lebron choking in the NBA Finals?  Is Boston seizing the momentum in the NHL Finals?  Can the boys rally from their worst baseball week of the season?  Will Congressman Weiner have a job this time next month?  All these questions and more will be covered this week!

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The Doctor and The Dude Show - 6/1/11

As the NBA and NHL playoffs come to a close, the boys try to squeeze in a few last bets.  Plus baseball continues to be a hot proposition for the Doctor and Dude.  And betting on...electronics trade shows?  What an age we live in!

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The Doctor and The Dude Show - 5/25/11

In a special show dedicated to the late Randy Savage, the Dude discusses his great admiration for the wrestler they called "Macho Man".  Plus NBA and NHL conference final wrapups, baseball picks, and UFC.

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