Doctor and Dude Show - NFL Preview Special

The NFL is finally back, and the Doctor and Dude provide an exhaustive preview to meet your gambling needs as the season approaches. The boys cover every win totals for every team, and the Dude gives his picks for which teams will make the playoffs.

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Doctor and Dude Show - Big East Football Preview

Our final week of college football previews features the Big East, as well as several notable teams from non-BCS conferences. Also, the Doctor is dubious of rookie QBs in the NFL while the Dude breaks down a new season of Dancing with the Stars.

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10.  This weekend I took a trip to Blacksburg, VA, home of the Hokies, to do a little football scouting (and attend a wedding).  It’s definitely beautiful country down there, but it’s a little quiet and out of the way.  Maybe one day they can learn how to burn couches and become a real football town. 

9.  Melky Cabrera isn't helping his cause.  He should just be like the Hulkster and train hard, say his prayers, and take his vitamins.  Then again, maybe some of the Hulkster’s vitamins might have resulted in the same test results. 

8.  Last week Expendables 2 opened up to bring the world the ass kicking we so desperately need in these trying times.  I’m glad that someone took the time to go out and quantify who is the most bad ass.  Sadly, they couldn’t have an eleven way tie for first.   

7.  Speaking of couch burners earlier, WVU will destroy you!  

6.  A running back who can't cut?  How could that go wrong?  Might be a real long year up in Minnesota.

5.  With King Felix making it three perfect games this season, you have to wonder what’s going on in the big leagues.  Are big time pitchers so good now that they can’t be stopped?  Or maybe Phil Humber just played the game of his life?  I’m going with the latter.  Don’t expect another one for a decade or so. 

4.  Is Kevin Kolb scared or just a bum?  I’m voting for both! 

3.  Fantasy football draft season is upon us.  I’ve got the first pick in my main league this year and I have no idea who to take.  The best running backs aren’t as dominate as in the past, quarterbacks are easier to find later, and it’s too early to take Calvin Johnson.  I may just take the Steelers’ defense and not have to worry about that part of the game for the rest of the season!

2.  Speaking of the NFL, this weekend the Doctor and Dude are recording our big NFL preview!  Tell your friends and get excited, because this one is going to be great!

1.  So I get on the plane yesterday to come home and the Pirates are tied in St. Louis in the 13th.  I land and turn on my phone to find out if they won and it’s now the 18th.  I’m glad I wasn’t watching because my heart couldn’t take it!  Pedro hits a bomb in the 19th and Cutch brings in the security runs and the Pirates win 6-3 in 19.  Last year, we lost this game on a bad call to Atlanta and the season quickly spun out of control.  I’m hoping that this year, winning this game will help catapult the Bucs to a strong finish to a great year.  It’s a great time to be a Pirates fan, and after two straight decades of losing there aren’t that many of us left!  

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Doctor and Dude Show - Big 10 Football Preview

Football is so close, the boys can practically taste it. This week the Doctor and Dude break down the Big 10 conference, discuss the predictive value of the preseason, and even get a dose of football from our neighbor to the North!

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10.  If you’re looking for a little late summer gambling reading, check out this book about Titanic Thompson.  This guy crammed in enough for a couple of lives.  Very colorful stuff.

9.  Well Andrew Luck, you’ve got nowhere to go but down now

8.  After months of whining and complaining, Dwight Howard finally gets traded.  It’s just a matter of days before he starts complaining again and looking for his next trade.  

7.  Chad Johnson is truly living Hard Knocks.  Maybe the Jets are looking for a new washed up wide receiver with a record.

6.  Remind me to never pass out a Phillie’s game. 

5.  So you’re a Heisman Trophy candidate on a national title contender and you manage to get kicked off of the team.  I’m not sure what Tyrann Mathieu did, but it must have been really bad for Les Miles to give him the boot!  

4.  Tiger doesn't win and this sums it all up.  

3.  Stephen Strasburg is getting shut down soon.  Either this works out and the Nationals are geniuses or this goes down as one of the worst decisions ever.  

2.  Dream Team wins the gold, but Spain puts up a heck of a fight.  If this doesn’t put the comparisons to the real, original Dream Team to bed, I don’t know what it will take.

1.  The Olympics are now over, so we can wait another four years to care about all these sports again.  See you in Rio, synchronized diving!

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Doctor and Dude Show - Big 12 Football Preview

The 2012 college football preview rolls on with a look at the Big 12. Will Oklahoma contend for the title? Will Texas get back to their dominant form? And how will the newcomers West Virginia and TCU do? The boys explore these questions and more this week.

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Dude's Top Ten for August 6th

10.  Usain Bolt wins the 100 at the Olympics and shows he’s still the fastest man in the world. If Al Davis was still alive, he’d be a first round pick! 

9.  Ryan Lochte went toe to toe with Michael Phelps, but the real story is that he pees in the pool. Good to see that deep down, we’re all the same and that I could contend with an Olympian after an afternoon of drinking beer.

8.  The NFL Hall of Fame inducted a class that may have been short on sizzle, but delivered on substance. And of course, it’s always good to see a couple of Steelers going in, especially Dermonti Dawson, a man who truly deserved it.  

7.  I always enjoy seeing the Buccos beat up on the Cubs at Wrigley, but getting to see a one hitter was even better. I was on the edge of my seat hoping for a no no, but it was still great. AJ Burnett, removed from the New York pressure, has shown that he can be a legit ace. The Pirates are going to need that down the stretch!  

6.  I’ve heard the one about the one legged man in the ass kicking contest, but now there is a one armed man in the ass kicking contest and he’s looking good. This dude is a legit bad ass.

5.  Watch any of the Olympics? If so, you probably hate NBC, since everyone seems to be hating on their coverage. Luckily, I’ve managed to avoid almost all of them so far. I’m holding out to see Mary Lou Retton perform.

4.  The Dream Team was supposed to steam roll everyone in the Olympics, but Lithuania sure gave them a scare the other day. Unless Lebron grows another six inches, I suspect they may not be totally out of the woods yet.  

3.  Love him or hate him, Michael Phelps winning his 18th gold is pretty impressive. Now that his Olympic career is over, I look forward to seeing him cleaning the local pool any day now.  

2.  The NFL preseason is here! Of course, I don’t care about the preseason as long as no one gets hurt, but at least we know that the real stuff is almost here!

1.  The Pirates dropped 2 out of 3 to the Reds this weekend in Cincinnati. The NL Central may be close to decided, but at least we could confirm what a bad ass Andrew McCutchen is

Have a great week everybody and talk to you Wednesday night!

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Doctor and Dude Show - SEC football preview

The Doctor and Dude welcome special guest SEC Rachel to break down - what else? - the SEC football futures. Also, the boys dig into the mailbag and forecast the coming season for the San Francisco 49ers. Not surprisingly, they disagree about how the Niners will fare in 2012.

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10.  I spent Sunday night watching Dragon Gate USA tear up the Congress Theater.  You won’t find much better wrestling out there than DGUSA, even if you did have to pay ball park prices for beer!   

9.  So if this is going on, why isn't pro wrestling in the Olympics?   It’s all rigged!  My only question for Olympic pro wrestling would be who the masked guys from Parts Unknown will represent.

8.  Training camp has started for the NFL, and not a minute too soon.  If these guys were out of camp for another week, half the league would be in the police blotter.

7.  The new Dream Team wins, but not by enough to impress America.  If we don’t see our boys crushing the world by at least 50 points, it might as well be a loss.  Thank god we’ve all forgotten those teams that didn’t even medal a few years back.

6.  Ryan Lochte beat Michael Phelps.  I see this one shaping up for a Rocky III ending, and we all know how that ends.  It’s just sad that Mickey has to die again.

5.  I’m all for women being empowered.  Be proud, ladies!  

4.  Fantasy football is coming up soon.  Is it just me, or did this jump the shark about five years ago?  I just hope I can get Eddie George in my draft.

3.  Zach Greinke heads to the Angels to heat the AL West race up further.  With Josh Hamilton’s issues, this may be the most interesting race in baseball down the stretch.  Sorry Yankees! 

2.  Red Sox take 2 out of 3 from the Yankees to hit .500 and still sit in the cellar.  The Orioles and Blue Jays must wish that they were in the AL Central every day they look at the standings.

1.  Will the Reds ever lose again?   With the way they're playing, I’m starting to have my doubts.  Maybe Dusty Baker finally figured out how to manage a team that doesn’t choke.  Of course, he may just let them choke on a bigger stage this fall.

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The college football preview continues with the Pac12. Is it a two team race or will another team rise to challenge Oregon and USC? Plus, the Dude celebrates the opening of the Olympic Games the only way he knows how: crazy prop bets!

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