Conference championships roll on as the Big Six tournments commence.  The boys discuss teams from the Big East, Big 12, and Pac-12 amongst others.  Plus, the Dude says goodbye to Mike Wallace and breaks down a couple big trades for wide receivers in the NFL.

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March is here and the Dude is giving in to the Madness!  He and the Doc talk early conference tournament action, discuss some potential winners for the big tournament, and even find a little time for combat sports!

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The NFL season is over, but the Doctor and Dude's love of football never ends.  The boys break down some recent news stories (spoiler: the Dude is still not a fan of Tom Brady) and predict whether a few bubble teams will make the Tournament or not.  Plus, gambling on the Pope!

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Awards season is here and we aren't talking sports! In this episode, the boys predict who will be recognized by Hollywood as the best (and WORST) of their profession!

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The Doctor and Dude are kicking it live in Northern California and that can only mean one thing - BONUS EPISODE! And with March Madness just a couple short weeks away, the boys can't resist a chance to look at some potential tournament teams (courtesy of Andy Glockner's excellent Bubble Watch feature on and assess their chances.

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The sport of football (non-U.S. flavor) suffered a major black eye with the recent revelation that widespread match fixing had affected hundreds of games on multiple continents.  The boys take a little time out of their regular schedule of wacky fun to discuss what this means for the future of soccer, sports betting in the United States, and whether a similar scandal could ever hit American sports. Plus, under the radar basketball teams that could make an impact in the NCAA Tournament.

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The Super Bowl is over and we have a new champion, but it isn't the one that the boys were expecting.  They break down the game, talk about how a few of the props turned out, and project what might happen with both teams next season.  Plus, what's going on in the world of ACC Basketball?

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The Super Bowl is here, and with it come all kinds of crazy prop bets for your betting enjoyment.  How many touchdown passes will Joe Flacco throw? What will be the first turnover of the game?  What color of Gatorade will be dumped on the winning coach?  The boys answer all these questions (and even give predictions about which team will win the game) in this week's show.

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One of the world's biggest sporting events is only two weeks away, and the Doctor and Dude have it covered from every angle. The boys take a look at some of the early line movement for the Super Bowl, reflect on the championship games from last weekend, and even peruse the odds for MVP candidates. Plus, bloodsports with the Dude!

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Only four teams remain, so the boys have plenty of time to break down the conference championship games in the NFL from every angle. Plus, the Dude dusts off his German to examine some upcoming soccer lines.

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