10.  After some concern due a awfully big guy showing up, I was able to successfully defend my big splash title on the 4th of July, keeping my clean sweep of the 21st century going.  This is one case where going with the chalk is like taking candy from a baby!

9.  Roger Federer won Wimbledon for a record tying seventh time.  Some commentators refer to him as the Dude of tennis, but he has some more winning to do to be in my category! 

8.  It wouldn’t be the off season of the NFL without some players behaving badly, but Adrian Peterson getting arrested has serious implications as fantasy season approaches!  

7.  The Celtics feel betrayed that Ray Allen took his talents to South Beach.  The Nets feel optimistic with Deron Williams signing on and Dwight Howard in their sites.  The Knicks are excited about Jason Kidd.  And the rest of us are looking forward to football being back so we can go back to ignoring the NBA until the playoffs roll around again! 

6.  For well over a decade now, my old pal and fellow long suffering Pirates fan Henry and I have joked about young pitching that would come and save us from our ineptitude.  Reading this article makes me unsure whether to laugh or cry.  

5.  A new Dream Team, led by Lebron, to bring the gold home?  Is it possible for Americans to root against their own country?  Probably not, but Lebron won’t make this easy!  

4.  Anderson Silva beat Chael Sonnen on Saturday night in the big UFC grudge match.  I heard many people talking about the great hype and promos that built up the match.  Whether they want to admit it or not, this type of thing already has a name.  It’s pro wrestling!  

3.  Being in the great state of West by god Virginia this past week meant I heard a lot of talk about the Greenbrier Classic.  Even Tiger Woods showed up to play golf in WV.  The cocktails waitresses of the state hadn’t been this excited since Bill Clinton’s last trip through.

2.  I got to see the Pirates in person on Thursday night as they continued their hot streak and beat the Astros on a brutally hot night.  The Iron City was on tap though and I was able to power through.  If the Bucs can just keep this up for another two and a half months, I’ll be able to celebrate the end of the worst streak in sports and the beer will really flow!

1.  As we reach the All Star break, the Yankees and Rangers look like the class of the AL, but the NL is pretty topsy turvy.  Could this be the year that we see the Pirates and Nationals both in the playoffs?  Will the top of the AL continue to run roughshod?  I don’t know the answers to these questions, but I know if I keep picking underdogs in our twitter baseball contest like I have been, I’ll be going to the pay window in the second half and that will put a smile on my face!

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