10.  If you’re looking for a little late summer gambling reading, check out this book about Titanic Thompson.  This guy crammed in enough for a couple of lives.  Very colorful stuff.

9.  Well Andrew Luck, you’ve got nowhere to go but down now

8.  After months of whining and complaining, Dwight Howard finally gets traded.  It’s just a matter of days before he starts complaining again and looking for his next trade.  

7.  Chad Johnson is truly living Hard Knocks.  Maybe the Jets are looking for a new washed up wide receiver with a record.

6.  Remind me to never pass out a Phillie’s game. 

5.  So you’re a Heisman Trophy candidate on a national title contender and you manage to get kicked off of the team.  I’m not sure what Tyrann Mathieu did, but it must have been really bad for Les Miles to give him the boot!  

4.  Tiger doesn't win and this sums it all up.  

3.  Stephen Strasburg is getting shut down soon.  Either this works out and the Nationals are geniuses or this goes down as one of the worst decisions ever.  

2.  Dream Team wins the gold, but Spain puts up a heck of a fight.  If this doesn’t put the comparisons to the real, original Dream Team to bed, I don’t know what it will take.

1.  The Olympics are now over, so we can wait another four years to care about all these sports again.  See you in Rio, synchronized diving!

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