Dude's Top Ten:  Memorial Day Edition!

10. Long time Doctor and Dude favorite, Chris Jericho got himself into a little hot water over the weekend. Note to self, don't desecrate another country's flag in front of its people. Sometimes they don't that that lightly!

9. NFL win totals are out now. It's almost time to start plugging the numbers into the Dude computer and coming up with predicted records. By that, I mean get a pin and some paper, a twelve pack, and start predicting Ravens losses.

8. If you had laid money on the Devils and Kings facing off in the Stanley Cup Finals a couple of months ago, you would have to buy me lots of beers because you'd be the richest person I know.

7. The Cubs traveled to Pittsburgh this weekend, which is great for me. I get to watch them on TV at the bar and antagonize the Cubs fans when they find ways to lose. Like a walk off hit by pitch on Saturday. Yeah, only the Cubs could manage that!

6. James Harrison is cool with Justin Beiber. If you have a problem with that, you can tell him. I'm going to just nod along and slowly back out of the room.

5. Dario Franchitti wins the Indy 500. Ten year old me is appalled that current me didn't bother watch any of this. I just wanted to see how Al Unser Jr. did.

4. The Celtics have a formadible task in taking on the Heat in the Eastern conference finals. However, with Iron Sheik on their side, you can't count them out! Make them humble!

3. Spurs beat the Thunder in game one in the best possible way for me. They take the lead in the series, which I like them in; go just under the total; and give up a meaningless three at the buzzer to not cover. I love it when a plan comes together!

2. Pirates sweep the Cubs. Sox sweep the Tribe. My attorney is getting nervous about our bet since I have the Pirates +6 games!

1. Happy Memorial Day! Enjoy the holiday and remember the reason for it as you celebrate today. Thank you to all who have served!

Remember that the Dude is on his own this week, so please send in questions for the show!

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