Wrestlemania Contest!

It's here, the very first Doctor and the Dude contest!  The rules are simple, pick your winners, email them to doctoranddude@gmail.com.  We'll tally the points and the winner will get a super awesome Wrestlemania prize.  Here are the matches:

Rey Mysterio (65 points) vs. Cody Rhodes (180 points)


Randy Orton (85 points) vs. CM Punk (140 points)


Sheamus (90 points) vs. Daniel Bryan (110 points)


Morisson/Stratus/Snooki (120 points) vs. Ziggler/Lay-Cool (90 points)


The Undertaker (10 points) vs. Triple H (1000 points)


Jerry Lawler (65 points) vs. Michael Cole (180 points)


Will Steve Austin give Cole a stunner? Yes (85 points) or No (140 points)


The Miz (160 points) vs. John Cena (70 points)


Will The Rock give Cena a Rock Bottom? Yes (70 points) or No (130 points)


Edge (130 points) vs. Alberto Del Rio (110 points) vs. Christian (140 points)

Tie Breaker:  How long will the main event go in minutes and seconds? 

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The Doctor and The Dude Show - Wrestlemania Special 2011

It's the biggest pro wrestling event of the year!  The Dude handicaps every Wrestlemania match and the guys introduce their first contest.  All this plus Ring of Honor, Dragon Gate, and Lucha Libre!

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The Doctor and The Dude Show - 3/23/11

With the first two rounds of the NCAA Tournament in the books, the Doctor and the Dude look at the lines for the Sweet Sixteen.  Also on tap: NBA title futures and the NHL playoff push!

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