10.  The world is in the grip of Euro 2012 fever.  America has been able to resist the siren’s call so far, but how long before we’re all entranced by a 1-1 tie.  Bet the draw!


9.  The Indians are keeping the AL Central close with the Sox and with Detroit lurking, but I think the pressure may be getting to them!


8.  The Yankees completed their sweep of the Mets this weekend with a walk off home run on Sunday.  But keep your heads up Mets, it’s not like God is rooting against you or anything.  Or is he?


7.  I made my first trip to the Off Track Betting for the Belmont Stakes on Saturday.  While I didn’t win anything (damn you Unstoppable U!), I did find a new place to quench my gambling jones legally.  I better be careful though, because if I go there too much, I might end up having to clean out the stables for my dinner!


6.  Throwing a no-hitter is a tall order for one pitcher, but for six it’s ridiculous.  I bet that left handed specialist in the eighth was never so glad in his life to just face one man!


5.  Don’t look now, but it’s June and my Buccos are tied for first place in the NL Central and getting a little national attention!  I can almost taste the sweet, sweet success that a .500 season would be.  A man can dream, can’t he?


4.  This weekend I was doing a little reading online about one of the greatest professional wrestling and business rivalries ever and it got me wondering about why there isn’t a book about this?  Instead we get more books about pouty vampires and kink for housewives.  Why don’t they just read the letters to Penthouse like a young Dude did to learn all he needed to know about sex, kink or otherwise.  That’s an education!


3.  The Stanley Cup is still up for grabs as the Devils have held off elimination for another game.  This begs the question, if a Cup falls in the woods and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?


2.  So Manny Pacquiao was robbed on Saturday night, I hear.  Of course, if you listened to the show last week you knew to get on Bradley (even if my parley missed) since boxing is just about as rigged as wrestling or the NBA (see number 1).  I hear that there may or may not be a rematch.  Whoever put together this match obviously watched Rocky I and Rocky II before they wrote this out.  I just hope that someone gets a robot maid/lover in part IV.


1.  So after all of the gnashing of teeth, we finally get the Heat in the Finals to take on the Thunder.  The media is now back in love with Lebron after he was able to finish off the Celtics, but the Finals are putting me in serious tin foil hat territory.  So what if the Heat win and get coroneted as greatest team ever?  How many people are going to want to tune in for the next half decade’s worth of “can anyone beat the Heat?”  A much better story line?  Can Lebron and Wade win the big one?  Who will rise up to beat the Heat this year?  Who is going to be America’s new darling by spoiling Lebron’s parade?  The NBA wants to milk these finals for all they can and set up the story line for next season, so I’m taking the Thunder in seven. 


Have a great week and tune into the Doctor and Dude Show on Wednesday night, when I’ll be presenting solo!   Talk to you then.

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