With 2012 coming to a close, the Doctor and Dude look back on the most surprising football teams of the year - for good AND for ill.  Plus, the boys disagree about a critical NFC North showdown and make more bowl picks to ring in the New Year.

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The boys haven't talked about the already overexposed Jets much this season, but with their latest meltdown wrecking any chance at the playoffs, the Doctor and Dude discuss where New York can go from here.  Plus, the Dude responds to a little Steelers/Bengals trash talk fresh from the mailbag!

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With a mere three weeks of NFL action to go, the boys discuss which teams will punch their playoff tickets the rest of the way.  Plus the Dude give strategies for betting on bowls and mocks the NFL commisioner's rough weekend.

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There's a lot of consensus on who will win the Heisman Race (hint: his last name is Football), but that won't stop the boys from gambling on it.  Plus, the Dude tries to get rich making predictions about English royalty.

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In the last week of college football's regular season, the boys talk Big 10, SEC, and even MAC football. Plus, who will earn the final wild card berth in the NFC?

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Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful for everyone in the Doctor and Dude Nation that makes this show possible.  It's also time to eat lots of food and gamble on sports!  The boys examine upcoming lines for football, basketball, and the sweet science of boxing.

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Quarterback injuries ran rampant through the NFL in week 10.  While the Dude hopes for a quick recovery for Big Ben, the boys look at the future prospects of several teams.  Plus, the Dude reaches out to fans in northern Europe with some gambling advice for Swedish hockey!

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With an ugly matchup looming between the Cowboys and Eagles this week, the boys discuss the future of several NFL coaches.  Have the players quit on the season?  Also, the Doc turns heel in college football while the Dude dreams of gambling on U.S. Presidency futures!

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With the Doc finally back from his international travels, the boys are reunited to talk gambling on the NFL, college football, and even the start of the NBA season. Plus, a big congratulations to the San Francisco Giants!

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Doctor and Dude Show - Recovering from Vegas

After a hard weekend of debauchery in Las Vegas, the boys are dragging a bit heading into the show. Fortunately they have plenty left in the tank to discuss football, the MLB playoffs, and Swedish hockey!

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Doctor and Dude Show - Vegas Special

The boys celebrate their annual pilgrimage to Vegas by inducting friend of the show Joe C into the Doctor and Dude Hall of Fame.

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Doctor and Dude Show - Las Vegas Bound!

On the eve of the annual Doctor and Dude pilgrimage to Las Vegas, the boys talk NFL and NCAA football, baseball playoffs, and even a little German soccer.  Will they go to the pay window this weekend?  Stay tuned! 

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Doctor and Dude Show - NFL Week 4

Another week, another series of bad calls in the NFL...it has the Dude pretty down on professional football right now. But the boys rally to give NFL and college football picks, while the Dude entertains us all with his vast knowledge on the WNBA. Go Spacers!

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Doctor and Dude Show - NFL Week Three

After an incredible week of picks, the Doctor and Dude contend with a much tougher card in week three of the NFL. The boys also discuss USC's fall from grace and the big Michigan/Notre Dame matchup - SPOILER ALERT: The Dude is not a fan of the Fighting Irish.

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Doctor and Dude Show - NFL Week Two

While the Dude tries to recover from a crazy weekend of sports, the boys review last weekend's action and look forward to potential plays in the NFL and college football ranks. Plus, the Dude tries to find value in the Champion's Tour: Golf for the Older Gentleman.

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Doctor and Dude Show - NFL Week One

The NFL season has begun, and the Doctor and Dude cover it top to bottom with their favorite bets against the spread, points totals, survivor picks, and more. Plus there's plenty of time left to cover college football, and the Dude covers one of his favorite topics: combat sports!

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Doctor and Dude Show - College Football is Back!

Actual games. Actual lines. Football is finally here and the boys couldn't be more happy about it. In this episode, they cover Alabama v. Michingan, Clemson v. Auburn, and many more games from the week 1 slate.

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Doctor and Dude Show - NFL Preview Special

The NFL is finally back, and the Doctor and Dude provide an exhaustive preview to meet your gambling needs as the season approaches. The boys cover every win totals for every team, and the Dude gives his picks for which teams will make the playoffs.

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Doctor and Dude Show - Big East Football Preview

Our final week of college football previews features the Big East, as well as several notable teams from non-BCS conferences. Also, the Doctor is dubious of rookie QBs in the NFL while the Dude breaks down a new season of Dancing with the Stars.

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Doctor and Dude Show - Big 10 Football Preview

Football is so close, the boys can practically taste it. This week the Doctor and Dude break down the Big 10 conference, discuss the predictive value of the preseason, and even get a dose of football from our neighbor to the North!

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Doctor and Dude Show - Big 12 Football Preview

The 2012 college football preview rolls on with a look at the Big 12. Will Oklahoma contend for the title? Will Texas get back to their dominant form? And how will the newcomers West Virginia and TCU do? The boys explore these questions and more this week.

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Doctor and Dude Show - SEC football preview

The Doctor and Dude welcome special guest SEC Rachel to break down - what else? - the SEC football futures. Also, the boys dig into the mailbag and forecast the coming season for the San Francisco 49ers. Not surprisingly, they disagree about how the Niners will fare in 2012.

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The college football preview continues with the Pac12. Is it a two team race or will another team rise to challenge Oregon and USC? Plus, the Dude celebrates the opening of the Olympic Games the only way he knows how: crazy prop bets!

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Doctor and Dude Show - ACC Football Preview

With football only a couple short months away, the boys start their college football preview with the ACC. Is Florida State a title contender? Can Virginia Tech get to double digit wins? How much does the Dude hate Duke? All these questions and more will be covered this week.

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Doctor and Dude Show - Baseball Divisional Futures

With the All Star break come and gone, the boys break down MLB second half divisional futures and try to sort through NBA trade rumors. Plus, the Dude prognosticates about Justin Bieber's future love life.

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Doctor and Dude Show - Midseason Baseball with Buckeye Bryan

On America's birthday, baseball guru Buckeye Bryan joins the boys to discuss his preseason totals picks and prognosticate about the second half.  Plus, the Dude discusses his patriotic spirit and gives a shout out to our neighbor's to the north in honor of Canada Day!

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Doctor and Dude Show - AL Central Baseball Edition

With the White Sox making a big move to shore up their offense, the boys take the opportunity to break down potential second half action in the AL Central. Plus, a college football sneak peek, Tour de France, and betting on hot dog consumption...delicious!

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Doctor and Dude Show - Euro Cup Edition

With the NBA playoffs winding down, the boys turn their attention to new gambling opportunities across the pond in the Euro Cup. Plus a pair of Red hot baseball teams in "buying and selling" and Dude's Lines takes a look at upcoming AAW Pro Wrestling!

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Doctor and Dude Show - NBA Conference Finals

As the Kings continue to dominate the Stanley Cup playoffs, the boys take some time to congratulate them on their amazing run. Also on the agenda is plenty of discussion about the NBA Conference Finals - are we looking at a Celtics/Thunder Finals? Plus the Dude takes a look at two beloved sports of yesteryear: horse racing and boxing!

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Doctor and Dude Show - LA Basketball Season in Review

With the NBA season finished for the Lakers and Clippers, the boys take at look at what the future holds for both teams.  Plus a preview of the San Antonio/Oklahoma City matchup.

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Doctor and Dude Show - Miami Heat Drama

There's a lot of drama surrounding the Miami/Indiana series, and the boys are covering it from every angle. Who does the Dude like in Game 3? The answer may surprise you. Plus, the Doc talks about his Boston trip and the Dude discusses the finer points of gambling on the business world.

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Doctor and Dude Show - Hail the LA Kings Edition!

Plenty of surprises in the sports world to dissect this week, including the Bulls' lethargic performance against Philadelphia and the Los Angeles Kings becoming the new powerhouse of the NHL.  Plus, the boys check in on the Dude's season long baseball wager with his attorney...how have the Pirates and Indians looked so far?

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Doctor and Dude Show - Rose Injury and Chicago Bulls Fallout

The Bulls are down a point guard and Chicago's title hopes suddenly look bleak.  This week the Dude gives a report after watching them live (while not busy drinking in his luxury box) and breaks down the rest of the NBA playoff picture.  Plus, grown men fighting and grown horses racing...what a time of year!

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Doctor and Dude Show - Buying and Selling Los Angeles Baseball

Lots of talk about the LA this week, as the boys give some deserved respect to the Kings, look at the playoff chances for the Lakers, and decide whether they're buying or selling on a pair of LA baseball teams.  Plus, the Dude teaches us all how to gamble on the NFL Draft!

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Doctor and Dude Show - NHL First Round Update

As the NHL playoffs continue, the boys check in on their series wagers, the Dude acknowledges some Penguins-related taunts from the D&D nation, and there have been some big shifts in the Stanley Cup futures market.  Plus, some first hand baseball scouting from the Dude: is he buying or selling on the White Sox and Orioles?

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Doctor and Dude Show - NHL First Round

The NHL always delivers in the postseason, and so do the Doctor and Dude!  They predict the outcome of each series, hit on some of the Dude's favorite NHL playoff prop bets, and cover a host of other sports as well.  Plus, Ozzie Guillen loves Castro...what???

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Doctor and Dude Show - Wrestlemania Wrapup

The Dude recaps his journey to Miami for Wrestlemania, Ring of Honor, and Dragon's Gate action and the boys give some deserved credit to the winners of the "Fans of the Doctor and Dude Show" basketball pool.  And don't worry, they found time for some picks too!

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Doctor and Dude Show - Final Four College Basketball

It's down to the Final Four teams left standing in March Madness.  Who will cut down the nets in New Orleans?  The Doctor and Dude make their predictions.  Plus the Doc interviews Buckeye Bryan about his National League MLB predictions and the Dude talks more wrestling on the eve of his big Wrestlemania trip!

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Doctor and Dude Show - Wrestlemania Special 2012

Betting on professional wrestling? Yes it's a real thing, and the Doctor and Dude have you covered for all the action at Wrestlemania XXVIII. Plus, in a nod to his love of the Independent Circuit, the Dude makes up lines for Ring of Honor and Dragon's Gate events scheduled for the same weekend.  Wrestling and gambling...together at last!

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Doctor and Dude Show - Sweet Sixteen Edition

The NFL has gone crazy, and now the Doctor and Dude are here to put things back in perspective. How will Denver do with Peyton? What's the plan in New York? And is Seattle a playoff team? Plus, sweet sixteen basketball action takes center stage!

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Doctor and Dude Show - Betting on First Round NCAA Tournament Games

The boys are going fast and furious as they zip through all of the opening round games in the 2012 NCAA Tournament.  Who do they like against the spread?  Download now and find out!  Plus, Dude's Lines Around the World covers the spectrum from politics to reality television.

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Doctor and Dude Show - 2012 NCAA Bracket Special

Ready to win your office pool? The boys run through the whole bracket, dispensing picks and advice in advance of America's favorite gambling event.

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Doctor and Dude Show - Major Conference Tournaments

With March Madness going full steam, the boys cover more conference tournament action, football "bounties", and the future of the Colts without Peyton Manning.  Plus, gambling on future pop stars with the Dude!

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Doctor and Dude Show - March Madness Begins!

On a special Leap Year episode of the show, the boys break down several mid-major college basketball tournaments, debates the merits of major vs. mid-major bubble teams, and try to get off on the right foot for the second half of the NBA season. Plus, the Dude is not pleased with recent roster moves in Pittsburgh.

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Doctor and Dude Show - The One Year Anniversary Edition

Has it been a whole year already? The Doctor and Dude celebrate one year of podcasts by reflecting on the past, sending a few thank yous out to the D&D nation, and planning more wacky hijinks in the year to come. Oh, and they even found time to talk about some sports bets they like this week!

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Doctor and Dude Show - Super Bowl Reactions

The NFL season is done, but the boys still find time to talk about the Super Bowl, the Doc's hot week for prop bets, and potential champs in 2013. Plus, the Dude tries out his Dutch accent while talking about soccer in the Netherlands!

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Doctor and Dude Show - Super Bowl Prop Bets

It's all the Super Bowl action the boys can cram into one episode. Sides. Totals. Props. Gatorade. Madonna. The Doctor and Dude have this game covered from every angle!

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Doctor and Dude Show - Early Super Bowl Lines

The boys take this week off from the NFL (no, the Pro Bowl doesn't count) to recount the exciting weekend that was and look at some early Super Bowl lines. Plus college basketball mid-majors, NBA, NHL, and the Dude handicaps the Royal Rumble.

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Doctor and Dude Show - NFL Conference Championships

A precious spot in the Super Bowl is on the line as we hit Conference Championship weekend!  The boys are riding a hot streak after an amazing weekend of picks, and they're determined to keep it going with NFL, NBA, and NHL picks aplenty.  Plus, the Dude gives a little love to his fans south of the border!

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Doctor and Dude Show - NFL Divisional Playoffs

With a heavy heart, the Dude must try to soldier on after the Steelers loss.  But if there's one thing that can improve his mood, it's going to the pay window with winning tickets!  The boys break down the divisional round of the NFL playoffs, SEC basketball, and much more.

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Doctor and Dude Show - NFL playoffs

Football fans rejoice!  The boys look at first round NFL playoff action, give their picks for the BCS National Championship game, and predict who will be coaching the Bucs and Rams next year.  Plus, the Doctor and Dude show some love for Big 12 basketball!

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