10.  This weekend I took a trip to Blacksburg, VA, home of the Hokies, to do a little football scouting (and attend a wedding).  It’s definitely beautiful country down there, but it’s a little quiet and out of the way.  Maybe one day they can learn how to burn couches and become a real football town. 

9.  Melky Cabrera isn't helping his cause.  He should just be like the Hulkster and train hard, say his prayers, and take his vitamins.  Then again, maybe some of the Hulkster’s vitamins might have resulted in the same test results. 

8.  Last week Expendables 2 opened up to bring the world the ass kicking we so desperately need in these trying times.  I’m glad that someone took the time to go out and quantify who is the most bad ass.  Sadly, they couldn’t have an eleven way tie for first.   

7.  Speaking of couch burners earlier, WVU will destroy you!  

6.  A running back who can't cut?  How could that go wrong?  Might be a real long year up in Minnesota.

5.  With King Felix making it three perfect games this season, you have to wonder what’s going on in the big leagues.  Are big time pitchers so good now that they can’t be stopped?  Or maybe Phil Humber just played the game of his life?  I’m going with the latter.  Don’t expect another one for a decade or so. 

4.  Is Kevin Kolb scared or just a bum?  I’m voting for both! 

3.  Fantasy football draft season is upon us.  I’ve got the first pick in my main league this year and I have no idea who to take.  The best running backs aren’t as dominate as in the past, quarterbacks are easier to find later, and it’s too early to take Calvin Johnson.  I may just take the Steelers’ defense and not have to worry about that part of the game for the rest of the season!

2.  Speaking of the NFL, this weekend the Doctor and Dude are recording our big NFL preview!  Tell your friends and get excited, because this one is going to be great!

1.  So I get on the plane yesterday to come home and the Pirates are tied in St. Louis in the 13th.  I land and turn on my phone to find out if they won and it’s now the 18th.  I’m glad I wasn’t watching because my heart couldn’t take it!  Pedro hits a bomb in the 19th and Cutch brings in the security runs and the Pirates win 6-3 in 19.  Last year, we lost this game on a bad call to Atlanta and the season quickly spun out of control.  I’m hoping that this year, winning this game will help catapult the Bucs to a strong finish to a great year.  It’s a great time to be a Pirates fan, and after two straight decades of losing there aren’t that many of us left!  

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