The Dude's Top Ten for July 2, 2012

10. Happy 4th of July to all the American members of the Doctor and Dude Nation! I recommend watching this video on a loop to get ready for the day.

9. And happy Canada Day to all our Canadian friends. For you, I recommend watching the greatest event to ever happen on Canadian soil.

8. So the NFL is going to soften their black out policy. That's great news for fans in Cincinnati and Buffalo. I wouldn't want to have to pay to see those teams either.

7. Wednesday is the Nathan's Hot Dog eating contest. What is more all American than a celebration of gluttony! Now if it was a beer drinking contest, I might have to throw my hat in the ring.

6. The Pirates took two out of three from the Cardinals this weekend to stay right in the hunt for the NL Central. Of course, at this time last year they were in the same spot and ended up dying at the end. I don't know if my heart can handle that again, so get it done Bucs! Also, make sure you're following our twitter this week (@doctoranddude) to see pictures from my trip to see the Pirates in Pittsburgh.

5. Maria Sharapova was the top seed at Wimbledon but got bounced from the tourney. I hope she knows that my offer to provide a shoulder to cry on is still good. Or a back rub. Or a front rub.

4. Spain stomped Italy to win Euro 2012. Next time I order a pizza, I'm going to have to throw in some taunting about Italy's shortcomings. I'm sure the Latin American gentleman who makes the pizza in the back will be deeply offended.

3. Dwight Howard is asking to get traded again. At this point, I think the Flint Tropics would be a good destination for him.

2. In case you needed another reason to be nervous about the coming robo-pocalypse, now robots are cheating at rock, paper, scissors. Is nothing sacred?

1. MLB announced the All Star rosters and it looks like quite an event. With each team having 50 guys on the roster, I hope we don't have to worry about running out of pitchers again!

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