The Dude's Top Ten for July 23, 2012

10.  Silas Young retains his belt in controversial manner at AAW this weekend.  That's all fine and good, but I'm ready for dollar beers again next month!

9.  Bradley Wiggins wins the Tour de France, the first Brit to win in 75 years.  He should enjoy for the week or two before he's stripped for doping!

8.  The Tigers sweep the White Sox this weekend, right before I go to the game on Monday to see the Sox and Twins.  I think that the Sox are lulling the rest of the AL Central into a false sense of security.  Or they just suck.  I'm hoping it's the former.

7.  The NFL off season plows on with more arrests.  I suspect that Goddell is ready for these boys to get to camp.  Once they're there, he can fine them for being out past curfew as well as DUI!

6.  Ron Santo, along with Barry Larkin, were inducted into the baseball Hall of Fame this weekend.  Cubs fans better enjoy it.  It's probably the only winning the Cubbies have in them for the next century.

5.  We all need goals.  Mine is to one day have a Steeler's hair sweater.  Until then, this guy wins.

4.  Are you ready for some football!  I know I am, even if it's Canadian.  I can't wait to see that 110 yard touchdown play!

3.  The Reds can't lose and the Pirates are keeping pace.  Could a wild card come out of the NL Central?  Sure, but I bet it's the Cards.  If anyone can screw it up, in Dusty we trust!

2.  Ernie Els won the British Open after Adam Scott had a melt down for the ages.  It's like Scott styled his play after the Ravens.  Yeah, he'll find a way to lose.  God I'm ready for football.

1.  No death penalty for Penn State, but a big bomb either way.  This one is going to hurt in Happy Valley and college football won't feel the same again for a while.

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