10. The Yankees are rolling and the odds makers are getting on them, making them favorites with the Rangers to win it all after they sweep the Nationals to make it nine straight.  Nine straight is good and all, but have the Nationals really come so far that it’s an accomplishment for the Yankees to sweep them?  It’s not like they swept the Bucs!

9. Kirk Gibson also missed the birth of a couple of his kids.  As he said, “It’s not like they did anything that somebody else hasn’t already done.”

8.  LaDainian Tomlinson retires and fantasy football now officially feels old for me.  Ah, the good times we had, LT.  As long as Peyton is still throwing to Marvin Harrison, right? 

7. Tiger managed to fall apart at the US Open this weekened.  I think that he was really disappointed that he missed out on this tournament. 

6. Dale Earnhardt Jr has been a big name NASCAR driver for an awfully long time.  I bet it makes his sponsors feel a lot better when he wins a race every three or four years though.

5.  Silly me, I thought that roughing up the ref was only acceptable in pro wrestling.  Seeing blood on the tennis whites might make me actually interested.  On second thought, nah.

4. Euro 2012 has certainly been exciting for the soccer watching world, but did you know it helped the host countries become better places too?  You too can help the Ukraine with its alcoholic bear problem!

3. Red Sox/Cubs at Wrigley Field on a beautiful weekend.  A few years ago, this ticket was going for many times face value.  Now they’re both cellar dwellers and most people don’t care.  Considering these two teams storied for not being storied histories, isn’t this really more like it should be?

2. The Heat took a 2-1 lead over the Thunder on Sunday night to make game four look like a must win for the Thunder.  I wonder if David Stern will have to make a call down to the referee’s locker room to keep this thing fair (and seven games)?

1. The biggest story for me of this past week was the Pirates taking two out of three from the Indians.  By taking the regular season series, they won me the tiebreaker in my best regular season record bet with my attorney.  That whiskey is going to taste all the better if the Buccos can get to .500 for the season and break the streak.  I’ve learned from Cubs fans that being long time losers doesn’t necessarily make you endearing, so I’m ready to win!

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