Dude's Note:  This is a rough version of a new weekly feature that we'll be rolling out in the coming weeks.  Every Monday morning, the Dude will highlight ten things that have caught his eye or are on his radar for the week.  Since this is my world, topics may vary, but expect to hear lots about sports, betting, wrestling, shenanigans, and probably some good old fashioned bathroom humor.  Nothing but the finest here at the Doctor and Dude Show!  And now, the top ten...

10.  The Bulls limp towards the finish line.  This must be punishment for no one bringing me a brownie sundae when I was watching the game on Sunday.

9.  Overtime playoff hockey shows why the Stanley Cup playoffs are among the best in sports.  I may just grow a playoff beard forever, ZZ Top style.

8.  John Cena beats Brock Lesner.  Sometimes I think that pro wrestling is almost as fixed as boxing.

7.  The Spurs show why they are champions.  They’ll be rested and ready for the second round.  Still old, but well rested.  Watch out, whippersnappers, and stay off of my lawn!

6.  Hey, it’s not like this hasn’t happened in your work place.  Usually I blame it on Carl in accounting.  That guy reeks.

5.  The Ginger Hammer will not stop until people quit questioning his authority!

4.  If I was a 23 year old millionaire athlete, I would be doing the exact same thing.  I’m not, and I still do very similar things.

3.  Big Ben graduates college.  Now it’s your turn to watch your backs in the restroom, grad school ladies.

2.  Does this make Phoenix a hockey town now? 

1.   In 2012, I can go see an Accept cover band with Iron Maiden and AC/DC cover bands opening up for them.  God bless America!

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