10.  If you’re looking for something to read on the beach this summer, check out Frank Deford’s new memoir, Over Time.  Deford is a veteran sports writer and he has stories and nuggets that will entertain any sports fan.  His tales of covering the early years of the NBA really give modern sports perspective.  Very highly recommended.

9.  It’s good to see that after a hundred plus years, the rules of baseball still seem to elude the guys who are in charge of keeping them. 

8.  Olympic boxing can be a riveting and exciting sport.  Olympic foxy boxing could be riveting and exciting as well, but in its own way.  I can’t wait for the gold medal match between Tawnie and Dream! 

7.  Drama and the Knicks?  I’m shocked!  Between Jeremy Lin’s contract offer, Melo’s opinion on it, and Jason Kidd introducing himself to the New York faithful with a DUI, sounds like a typical week at the Garden.  Now they just need to bring Isaiah Thomas back.

6.  If you’re like me, you’re ready to never hear about Penn State again.  For that reason, I whole heartedly endorse Drew Magary’s five point plan for Penn State football.  "Penn Tech: Molester-Free Since 2013."

5.  The Pirates started the 2nd half of the baseball season dropping 2 out of 3 in Milwaukee.  This isn’t news in the least.  In fact, winning a game in Milwaukee is probably a sign that things really are moving in the right direction!

4.  Last night, John Cena was the big winner at the WWE’s Money in the Bank show.  I think I’ll give MMA another shot once they introduce ladder matches to the octagon.

3.  Oh Jay, I would expect nothing less.  When it comes to being a NFL heel, you’re up there with the best of them!  

2.  The NL won the All Star Game last week and headed into the break thinking that they have a chance against the AL once the World Series rolls around.  If I was an NL contender, I’d be rooting as hard as possible for the Rangers.  Ron Washington can always find a way to lose to the NL when it counts.

1.  Dear sweet God, football is almost back!  I’m just going to keep counting down the days and you can tune into the Doctor and Dude Show this week as we start our college football preview.  We’ll be breaking down one conference this week and I’ll give you a hint.  The Doctor and I both have a huge rooting interest in this one.  Talk to you Wednesday and have a great week!

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