10.  Saturday I got to watch a classic American League match up as the White Sox hosted the Mariners and both teams tried to use as many pitchers as humanly possible.  Robin Ventura took it upon himself to make me appreciate Ozzie's bullpen management as he wasted his arms in the 6th and they lost in the 12th.  Ugly, ugly stuff, but at least this series gave us this.

9.  The Detroit Grand Prix was cancelled due to pot holes.  What else can I even say?

8.  I think Floyd Mayweather has this figured out.  After three months in jail training, he should be ready to take on Manny Pacquiao.  I suspect he may learn some techniques that aren't in the Marquis de Queensbury's rules.

7.  Now that the Mets have a no hitter in their history, maybe they can finally become the big thing in Queens again and retake that crown from the Jerky Boys.

6.  Despite losing an ugly one on Saturday, the White Sox are continuing to put space between them and the Indians.  Combine that with the Pirates continuing to win and it's looking like my attorney may finally have to pay me for once in our bet!

5.  Dragon Gate is coming back to Chicago in July!  I'm going to go ahead and start getting worked up for that now.  I suspect that I'll be handicapping that one in month or so!

4.  The Celtics have fought their way back into the series with the Heat after an overtime thriller in game four that even saw Lebron foul out.  If that happens again, don’t be surprised if David Stern comes down on the court and decides to officiate the rest of the series himself!

3.  Tiger Woods finally won another golf tournament.  She may not even know it yet, but I bet some Waffle House waitress is in for the time of her life in the next few days.

2.  The Thunder have come thundering back against the Spurs.  So much for streaking all the way to the finals.  I suspect that the Spurs have some game left in them though, and probably a Werther's Original in their pocket.

1.  The Kings keep rolling, taking the first two games of the Stanley Cup finals in New Jersey.  Things are starting to look dire for the Devils, and not just because they live in New Jersey.


Have a great week, everyone!

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