10.  The Rangers are up 2-1 on the Devils in the Eastern Conference finals for the Stanley Cup.  The New York/New Jersey area must be buzzing while the Islanders silently weep into their pillows and write poems of heartbreak in their pink diaries every night.

9.  Verlander one hit the Pirates on Friday night after they got a hit in the ninth to break up the no-no.   As someone told me this weekend, they can’t even get no hit right.  Remarkably though, they haven’t been no hit in over 40 years.  At this point in Bucco history, that’s something to brag about, despite the fact that they flirt with it every two weeks or so.

8.  The Celtics and 76ers are knotted up at 2 games each.  I keep waiting for someone to remind the 76ers that they suck.  Maybe someone needs to go a little Celtic Pride on Andre Iguodala.

7.  As I suspected, the Heat aren’t going to go down without a fight.  For a super team, they sure seem to be missing something, but when Lebron and Wade decide to play, they are nearly impossible to beat.  This doesn’t help, but when you need more motivation, there is only one place to go.

6.  The White Sox swept the Cubs at Wrigley.  Are the Sox for real?  Probably not, but the Cubs really do suck.  Thank god someone will be there to fight it out with the Buccos for last place in September!

5.  Now that Scott Van Slyke hit his first big league homer for the Dodgers, my throwback Andy Van Slyke Pirates jersey is going to confuse even more people at the ball park this summer.

4.  I’ll Have Another has a shot at the Triple Crown, which hasn’t been claimed in 34 years.  The racing triple crown is up there with the most prestigious triple crowns in sports, baseball, bridge, and most revered of all, the All Japan Pro Wrestling Triple Crown Heavyweight Championship.

3.  The Kings finally lose one, but are still up 3-1 on the Coyotes.  I fully expect riots one way or the other after the playoffs wrap up in LA.  They care as much about hockey there as they do in Vancouver, don’t they?

2.  The Spurs just keep performing.  The Clippers have a bright future, but Tim Duncan and company shook their fists at the whippersnappers and told them to get off of their lawn in the second round.

1.  Folks in West Virginia are awfully excited to head to the Big 12.  I was told that WVU’s five year plan is to beat Oklahoma and Texas, win the Big 12, win the national title, and then move to the NFL.  That’s what drinking moonshine will do to you!

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