Wrestlemania Contest!

It's here, the very first Doctor and the Dude contest!  The rules are simple, pick your winners, email them to doctoranddude@gmail.com.  We'll tally the points and the winner will get a super awesome Wrestlemania prize.  Here are the matches:

Rey Mysterio (65 points) vs. Cody Rhodes (180 points)


Randy Orton (85 points) vs. CM Punk (140 points)


Sheamus (90 points) vs. Daniel Bryan (110 points)


Morisson/Stratus/Snooki (120 points) vs. Ziggler/Lay-Cool (90 points)


The Undertaker (10 points) vs. Triple H (1000 points)


Jerry Lawler (65 points) vs. Michael Cole (180 points)


Will Steve Austin give Cole a stunner? Yes (85 points) or No (140 points)


The Miz (160 points) vs. John Cena (70 points)


Will The Rock give Cena a Rock Bottom? Yes (70 points) or No (130 points)


Edge (130 points) vs. Alberto Del Rio (110 points) vs. Christian (140 points)

Tie Breaker:  How long will the main event go in minutes and seconds? 

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