With another NFL season ready to begin, the boys return for their annual NFL special. The Doctor and Dude go through the entire NFL looking for profitable season win totals. Plus, the Dude makes his playoff predictions!

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Spring is here and the boys have baseball fever! The Doctor and Dude break down every division in baseball and make some predictions about which teams will contend and which will disappoint. Plus, the Dude delves into the underground world of gambling on video games!

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With the year's biggest gambling event on the horizon, the boys couldn't resist breaking down the 2016 bracket.  From the top seeds to the hopeful Cinderella teams, the Doctor and Dude break down every matchup in the field.  Plus, Wrestlemania is coming soon, and the Dude has some thoughts about the premier event in the wrestling calendar!

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It's another special edition of the Doctor and Dude show! With the football postseason upon us, the boys talk about the upcoming NFL playoffs, break down the Super Bowl odds on every contender, and even spare a little time to make predictions for the college championship. If you like football, don't miss this episode!

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The boys had so much fun recording their NFL special that they decided to do a college football special for 2015 as well.  Download now and find out which season total bets they like throughout the NCAA, and hear their way-too-early picks for the playoff.

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The Doctor and Dude are back for an NFL special. They break down the predicted total for every team and examine which teams might have surprising seasons.

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The boys can never resist discussing one of the biggest gambling events of the year. Break out your bracket because the Doctor and the Dude are examining every matchup available to help you win your office pool. Can anyone stop Kentucky? Will the Dude have anything good to say about Duke? And can the boys resist wagering on six figure underdogs? All will be revealed in the latest episode!

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The boys are back after another long hiatus, but they hit the ground running! Is something rotten in the NFL? Who will win the Super Bowl? And which crazy prop bets offer the best value? These questions and more will be discussed (though not necessarily answered) on the show!

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The boys are back for their annual NFL preview!  The Doctor and Dude take a stroll through the world of NFL Win Totals and identify some of their favorite bets going into the 2014 season.  You may not be surprised that the Dude likes the Steelers, but you WILL be surprised by some of his other bold predictions!

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The boys are visiting the happiest place in the world: Las Vegas!  After days of betting NBA and MLB action, they've been inspired to talk football futures for the NFL and NCAA.  Plus, the Dude takes things north of the border with some discussion of the CFL!

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