Doctor and Dude Show - The One Year Anniversary Edition

Has it been a whole year already? The Doctor and Dude celebrate one year of podcasts by reflecting on the past, sending a few thank yous out to the D&D nation, and planning more wacky hijinks in the year to come. Oh, and they even found time to talk about some sports bets they like this week!

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Doctor and Dude Show - The Dude's Mailbag Special!

The Dude is going it alone this week with some help from the old mailbag!  Topics include the NBA, NCAA basketball, baseball, politics, and Nascar.  It's a whole heaping helping of the Dude for you so check it out now.

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Doctor and Dude Show - Super Bowl Reactions

The NFL season is done, but the boys still find time to talk about the Super Bowl, the Doc's hot week for prop bets, and potential champs in 2013. Plus, the Dude tries out his Dutch accent while talking about soccer in the Netherlands!

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Doctor and Dude Show - Super Bowl Prop Bets

It's all the Super Bowl action the boys can cram into one episode. Sides. Totals. Props. Gatorade. Madonna. The Doctor and Dude have this game covered from every angle!

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