Doctor and Dude Show - AL Central Baseball Edition

With the White Sox making a big move to shore up their offense, the boys take the opportunity to break down potential second half action in the AL Central. Plus, a college football sneak peek, Tour de France, and betting on hot dog consumption...delicious!

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10.  Kevin Steen retained his ROH Title against Davey Richards.  I suspect that Davey’s match on Friday (see #4) may have made the difference.  It’s these kinds of little insights that can give you the edge when you’re betting pro wrestling like me!

9.  Red Sox trade Kevin Youkillis to White Sox.  With a potential big league bat at third, could this be the charge that the Sox needs?  Some Red Sox faithful aren’t happy about losing Youkillis, but they’re going to be really unhappy when they see Brent Lillibridge!

8.  52 marathons in 52 weeks.  As an occasional jogger, the idea of running 26.2 miles over the course of weeks wears me out, let alone once a week for a year.  I hope her carb loading involves lots of beer like me.

7.  UFC on Friday night featured one guy running away from another for the entire five rounds.  I think that this sport has officially jumped the shark.  They better watch out for pro wrestling, the real sport of true men!

6.  A Chinese man tried to watch all of Euro 2012 and ended up dying after 11 straight days of no sleep and too much coffee and nicotine.  I’ll have to bring this up to my mother to let her know how far from death I really was a child watching wrestling on the couch for hours and hours.  I could have gone for days!

5.  The Mets new mascot is Little Jerry Seinfeld.  Of course he is, because this is the Mets we’re talking about.

4.  AAW put on a heck of a show on Friday night.  The main event six man saw mayhem all over the building, especially right in front of us which was awesome, but Sami Callahan vs. Davey Richards really stole the show.  This was one of the best matches I’ve seen live this year and that isn’t just the cheap beer talking!

3.  The Pirates are five games over .500 and one out of first (and two better than Cleveland).  I’m trying to stay calm, but it’s getting harder and harder.  Now if we can just be in this spot in September, I’m officially going to lose it!

2.  Italy sent England home from Euro 2012 on penalty kicks.  My craving for pizza was truly a sign!  Score one for science at the pay window.

1.  The Heat win.  Great.  Now we have the Yankees of the NBA and David Stern wins in the end.

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Doctor and Dude Show - Euro Cup Edition

With the NBA playoffs winding down, the boys turn their attention to new gambling opportunities across the pond in the Euro Cup. Plus a pair of Red hot baseball teams in "buying and selling" and Dude's Lines takes a look at upcoming AAW Pro Wrestling!

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10. The Yankees are rolling and the odds makers are getting on them, making them favorites with the Rangers to win it all after they sweep the Nationals to make it nine straight.  Nine straight is good and all, but have the Nationals really come so far that it’s an accomplishment for the Yankees to sweep them?  It’s not like they swept the Bucs!

9. Kirk Gibson also missed the birth of a couple of his kids.  As he said, “It’s not like they did anything that somebody else hasn’t already done.”

8.  LaDainian Tomlinson retires and fantasy football now officially feels old for me.  Ah, the good times we had, LT.  As long as Peyton is still throwing to Marvin Harrison, right? 

7. Tiger managed to fall apart at the US Open this weekened.  I think that he was really disappointed that he missed out on this tournament. 

6. Dale Earnhardt Jr has been a big name NASCAR driver for an awfully long time.  I bet it makes his sponsors feel a lot better when he wins a race every three or four years though.

5.  Silly me, I thought that roughing up the ref was only acceptable in pro wrestling.  Seeing blood on the tennis whites might make me actually interested.  On second thought, nah.

4. Euro 2012 has certainly been exciting for the soccer watching world, but did you know it helped the host countries become better places too?  You too can help the Ukraine with its alcoholic bear problem!

3. Red Sox/Cubs at Wrigley Field on a beautiful weekend.  A few years ago, this ticket was going for many times face value.  Now they’re both cellar dwellers and most people don’t care.  Considering these two teams storied for not being storied histories, isn’t this really more like it should be?

2. The Heat took a 2-1 lead over the Thunder on Sunday night to make game four look like a must win for the Thunder.  I wonder if David Stern will have to make a call down to the referee’s locker room to keep this thing fair (and seven games)?

1. The biggest story for me of this past week was the Pirates taking two out of three from the Indians.  By taking the regular season series, they won me the tiebreaker in my best regular season record bet with my attorney.  That whiskey is going to taste all the better if the Buccos can get to .500 for the season and break the streak.  I’ve learned from Cubs fans that being long time losers doesn’t necessarily make you endearing, so I’m ready to win!

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This week on the Doctor and Dude Show the Dude is all by his lonesome again and he's taking a look at a potpurri of topics.  He starts with Heat and Thunder in the NBA Finals and then ventures from golf to football to baseball to Japanese soccer, with a number of digressions and semi-offensive jokes along the way.  

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10.  The world is in the grip of Euro 2012 fever.  America has been able to resist the siren’s call so far, but how long before we’re all entranced by a 1-1 tie.  Bet the draw!


9.  The Indians are keeping the AL Central close with the Sox and with Detroit lurking, but I think the pressure may be getting to them!


8.  The Yankees completed their sweep of the Mets this weekend with a walk off home run on Sunday.  But keep your heads up Mets, it’s not like God is rooting against you or anything.  Or is he?


7.  I made my first trip to the Off Track Betting for the Belmont Stakes on Saturday.  While I didn’t win anything (damn you Unstoppable U!), I did find a new place to quench my gambling jones legally.  I better be careful though, because if I go there too much, I might end up having to clean out the stables for my dinner!


6.  Throwing a no-hitter is a tall order for one pitcher, but for six it’s ridiculous.  I bet that left handed specialist in the eighth was never so glad in his life to just face one man!


5.  Don’t look now, but it’s June and my Buccos are tied for first place in the NL Central and getting a little national attention!  I can almost taste the sweet, sweet success that a .500 season would be.  A man can dream, can’t he?


4.  This weekend I was doing a little reading online about one of the greatest professional wrestling and business rivalries ever and it got me wondering about why there isn’t a book about this?  Instead we get more books about pouty vampires and kink for housewives.  Why don’t they just read the letters to Penthouse like a young Dude did to learn all he needed to know about sex, kink or otherwise.  That’s an education!


3.  The Stanley Cup is still up for grabs as the Devils have held off elimination for another game.  This begs the question, if a Cup falls in the woods and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?


2.  So Manny Pacquiao was robbed on Saturday night, I hear.  Of course, if you listened to the show last week you knew to get on Bradley (even if my parley missed) since boxing is just about as rigged as wrestling or the NBA (see number 1).  I hear that there may or may not be a rematch.  Whoever put together this match obviously watched Rocky I and Rocky II before they wrote this out.  I just hope that someone gets a robot maid/lover in part IV.


1.  So after all of the gnashing of teeth, we finally get the Heat in the Finals to take on the Thunder.  The media is now back in love with Lebron after he was able to finish off the Celtics, but the Finals are putting me in serious tin foil hat territory.  So what if the Heat win and get coroneted as greatest team ever?  How many people are going to want to tune in for the next half decade’s worth of “can anyone beat the Heat?”  A much better story line?  Can Lebron and Wade win the big one?  Who will rise up to beat the Heat this year?  Who is going to be America’s new darling by spoiling Lebron’s parade?  The NBA wants to milk these finals for all they can and set up the story line for next season, so I’m taking the Thunder in seven. 


Have a great week and tune into the Doctor and Dude Show on Wednesday night, when I’ll be presenting solo!   Talk to you then.

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Doctor and Dude Show - NBA Conference Finals

As the Kings continue to dominate the Stanley Cup playoffs, the boys take some time to congratulate them on their amazing run. Also on the agenda is plenty of discussion about the NBA Conference Finals - are we looking at a Celtics/Thunder Finals? Plus the Dude takes a look at two beloved sports of yesteryear: horse racing and boxing!

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10.  Saturday I got to watch a classic American League match up as the White Sox hosted the Mariners and both teams tried to use as many pitchers as humanly possible.  Robin Ventura took it upon himself to make me appreciate Ozzie's bullpen management as he wasted his arms in the 6th and they lost in the 12th.  Ugly, ugly stuff, but at least this series gave us this.

9.  The Detroit Grand Prix was cancelled due to pot holes.  What else can I even say?

8.  I think Floyd Mayweather has this figured out.  After three months in jail training, he should be ready to take on Manny Pacquiao.  I suspect he may learn some techniques that aren't in the Marquis de Queensbury's rules.

7.  Now that the Mets have a no hitter in their history, maybe they can finally become the big thing in Queens again and retake that crown from the Jerky Boys.

6.  Despite losing an ugly one on Saturday, the White Sox are continuing to put space between them and the Indians.  Combine that with the Pirates continuing to win and it's looking like my attorney may finally have to pay me for once in our bet!

5.  Dragon Gate is coming back to Chicago in July!  I'm going to go ahead and start getting worked up for that now.  I suspect that I'll be handicapping that one in month or so!

4.  The Celtics have fought their way back into the series with the Heat after an overtime thriller in game four that even saw Lebron foul out.  If that happens again, don’t be surprised if David Stern comes down on the court and decides to officiate the rest of the series himself!

3.  Tiger Woods finally won another golf tournament.  She may not even know it yet, but I bet some Waffle House waitress is in for the time of her life in the next few days.

2.  The Thunder have come thundering back against the Spurs.  So much for streaking all the way to the finals.  I suspect that the Spurs have some game left in them though, and probably a Werther's Original in their pocket.

1.  The Kings keep rolling, taking the first two games of the Stanley Cup finals in New Jersey.  Things are starting to look dire for the Devils, and not just because they live in New Jersey.


Have a great week, everyone!

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