Doctor and Dude Show - Buying and Selling Los Angeles Baseball

Lots of talk about the LA this week, as the boys give some deserved respect to the Kings, look at the playoff chances for the Lakers, and decide whether they're buying or selling on a pair of LA baseball teams.  Plus, the Dude teaches us all how to gamble on the NFL Draft!

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Doctor and Dude Show - NHL First Round Update

As the NHL playoffs continue, the boys check in on their series wagers, the Dude acknowledges some Penguins-related taunts from the D&D nation, and there have been some big shifts in the Stanley Cup futures market.  Plus, some first hand baseball scouting from the Dude: is he buying or selling on the White Sox and Orioles?

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Doctor and Dude Show - NHL First Round

The NHL always delivers in the postseason, and so do the Doctor and Dude!  They predict the outcome of each series, hit on some of the Dude's favorite NHL playoff prop bets, and cover a host of other sports as well.  Plus, Ozzie Guillen loves Castro...what???

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Doctor and Dude Show - Wrestlemania Wrapup

The Dude recaps his journey to Miami for Wrestlemania, Ring of Honor, and Dragon's Gate action and the boys give some deserved credit to the winners of the "Fans of the Doctor and Dude Show" basketball pool.  And don't worry, they found time for some picks too!

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