This week the Doc has taken off for the great white north and the Dude is all by his lonesome for an episode of the Dude Presents!  He's running down the playoffs in the NBA and NHL, baseball, the NFL, and Miss America!  Get it all this week on the Doctor and Dude Show.

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Dude's Top Ten:  Memorial Day Edition!

10. Long time Doctor and Dude favorite, Chris Jericho got himself into a little hot water over the weekend. Note to self, don't desecrate another country's flag in front of its people. Sometimes they don't that that lightly!

9. NFL win totals are out now. It's almost time to start plugging the numbers into the Dude computer and coming up with predicted records. By that, I mean get a pin and some paper, a twelve pack, and start predicting Ravens losses.

8. If you had laid money on the Devils and Kings facing off in the Stanley Cup Finals a couple of months ago, you would have to buy me lots of beers because you'd be the richest person I know.

7. The Cubs traveled to Pittsburgh this weekend, which is great for me. I get to watch them on TV at the bar and antagonize the Cubs fans when they find ways to lose. Like a walk off hit by pitch on Saturday. Yeah, only the Cubs could manage that!

6. James Harrison is cool with Justin Beiber. If you have a problem with that, you can tell him. I'm going to just nod along and slowly back out of the room.

5. Dario Franchitti wins the Indy 500. Ten year old me is appalled that current me didn't bother watch any of this. I just wanted to see how Al Unser Jr. did.

4. The Celtics have a formadible task in taking on the Heat in the Eastern conference finals. However, with Iron Sheik on their side, you can't count them out! Make them humble!

3. Spurs beat the Thunder in game one in the best possible way for me. They take the lead in the series, which I like them in; go just under the total; and give up a meaningless three at the buzzer to not cover. I love it when a plan comes together!

2. Pirates sweep the Cubs. Sox sweep the Tribe. My attorney is getting nervous about our bet since I have the Pirates +6 games!

1. Happy Memorial Day! Enjoy the holiday and remember the reason for it as you celebrate today. Thank you to all who have served!

Remember that the Dude is on his own this week, so please send in questions for the show!

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Doctor and Dude Show - LA Basketball Season in Review

With the NBA season finished for the Lakers and Clippers, the boys take at look at what the future holds for both teams.  Plus a preview of the San Antonio/Oklahoma City matchup.

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10.  The Rangers are up 2-1 on the Devils in the Eastern Conference finals for the Stanley Cup.  The New York/New Jersey area must be buzzing while the Islanders silently weep into their pillows and write poems of heartbreak in their pink diaries every night.

9.  Verlander one hit the Pirates on Friday night after they got a hit in the ninth to break up the no-no.   As someone told me this weekend, they can’t even get no hit right.  Remarkably though, they haven’t been no hit in over 40 years.  At this point in Bucco history, that’s something to brag about, despite the fact that they flirt with it every two weeks or so.

8.  The Celtics and 76ers are knotted up at 2 games each.  I keep waiting for someone to remind the 76ers that they suck.  Maybe someone needs to go a little Celtic Pride on Andre Iguodala.

7.  As I suspected, the Heat aren’t going to go down without a fight.  For a super team, they sure seem to be missing something, but when Lebron and Wade decide to play, they are nearly impossible to beat.  This doesn’t help, but when you need more motivation, there is only one place to go.

6.  The White Sox swept the Cubs at Wrigley.  Are the Sox for real?  Probably not, but the Cubs really do suck.  Thank god someone will be there to fight it out with the Buccos for last place in September!

5.  Now that Scott Van Slyke hit his first big league homer for the Dodgers, my throwback Andy Van Slyke Pirates jersey is going to confuse even more people at the ball park this summer.

4.  I’ll Have Another has a shot at the Triple Crown, which hasn’t been claimed in 34 years.  The racing triple crown is up there with the most prestigious triple crowns in sports, baseball, bridge, and most revered of all, the All Japan Pro Wrestling Triple Crown Heavyweight Championship.

3.  The Kings finally lose one, but are still up 3-1 on the Coyotes.  I fully expect riots one way or the other after the playoffs wrap up in LA.  They care as much about hockey there as they do in Vancouver, don’t they?

2.  The Spurs just keep performing.  The Clippers have a bright future, but Tim Duncan and company shook their fists at the whippersnappers and told them to get off of their lawn in the second round.

1.  Folks in West Virginia are awfully excited to head to the Big 12.  I was told that WVU’s five year plan is to beat Oklahoma and Texas, win the Big 12, win the national title, and then move to the NFL.  That’s what drinking moonshine will do to you!

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Doctor and Dude Show - Miami Heat Drama

There's a lot of drama surrounding the Miami/Indiana series, and the boys are covering it from every angle. Who does the Dude like in Game 3? The answer may surprise you. Plus, the Doc talks about his Boston trip and the Dude discusses the finer points of gambling on the business world.

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With spring in the air, let’s jump right into this week’s edition of the Dude’s Top Ten!


10.  The Clippers finish off the Grizzlies in game 7.  The very idea of the Clippers making the playoffs and winning a series just seems wrong to me.  This is the Clippers we’re talking about.  Didn’t they disturb a mummy’s tomb or something that put the curse on them to always stink?

9.  Will Florida State end up bolting the ACC for greener pastures in the Big 12 or SEC?  It seems like only a matter of time to me.  Until they have a playoff and a handful of super conferences sucking up all the college football money, these changes aren’t finished.  And then you could get away from the stink that is Duke too.  That never hurts.

8.  Lebron is the MVP again.  While he may win a dozen of these, it won’t matter without a ring.  Even if he does win it all this year, the refrain will be “who did he beat?” with Rose out.  That’s the problem when you want all the superstars on your team.  It wouldn’t have been the same if Bird and Magic or Jordan and Isaiah had decided to be on the same team.

7.  Sometimes it’s good to know that I’m not the only one wearing a tin foil hat.  We all know the NBA is as rigged as pro wrestling!

6.  Hats off to Kevin Steen for winning the Ring of Honor title Saturday night.  A few years ago, this would have been a really big deal for me, but ROH has managed to lose a lot of my interest in the last few years.  After the Briscoes, who am I supposed to care about again?

5.  Josh Hamilton is just killing it and Bryce Harper is just killing himself.  There’s a lesson to be learned here, Doctor and Dude Nation.  I’m not sure what it is, but I’m for it and for anything that can the Great Mutamentioned (and a linked picture) on a major website is a win in my book!

4.  The White Sox continue to stagger along like most people expected.  When they stink, they don’t do it half way.  I’m going to the Cell tonight, so I hope Sunday’s implosion got it out of their system for a day or two.  At least the beer will be cold!

3.  The Kings are keeping this hot streak going.  It’s hard to pick against a team that is doing everything right, but the Coyotes may have something to say about that.  At this point, someone has to cool off, but that is a hard thing to predict.

2.  I’m going to stay on the Rangers until someone can finish them off.  They’re like Steven Segal, hard to kill!

1.  Kobe and the Lakers take on the Thunder.  Another interesting matchup in the west.  Can Kobe continue to lead the Lakers to victory or will they go ahead and fire everybody now and put them out of their mystery?


Have a great week everybody!

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Doctor and Dude Show - Hail the LA Kings Edition!

Plenty of surprises in the sports world to dissect this week, including the Bulls' lethargic performance against Philadelphia and the Los Angeles Kings becoming the new powerhouse of the NHL.  Plus, the boys check in on the Dude's season long baseball wager with his have the Pirates and Indians looked so far?

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Dude's Note:  This is a rough version of a new weekly feature that we'll be rolling out in the coming weeks.  Every Monday morning, the Dude will highlight ten things that have caught his eye or are on his radar for the week.  Since this is my world, topics may vary, but expect to hear lots about sports, betting, wrestling, shenanigans, and probably some good old fashioned bathroom humor.  Nothing but the finest here at the Doctor and Dude Show!  And now, the top ten...

10.  The Bulls limp towards the finish line.  This must be punishment for no one bringing me a brownie sundae when I was watching the game on Sunday.

9.  Overtime playoff hockey shows why the Stanley Cup playoffs are among the best in sports.  I may just grow a playoff beard forever, ZZ Top style.

8.  John Cena beats Brock Lesner.  Sometimes I think that pro wrestling is almost as fixed as boxing.

7.  The Spurs show why they are champions.  They’ll be rested and ready for the second round.  Still old, but well rested.  Watch out, whippersnappers, and stay off of my lawn!

6.  Hey, it’s not like this hasn’t happened in your work place.  Usually I blame it on Carl in accounting.  That guy reeks.

5.  The Ginger Hammer will not stop until people quit questioning his authority!

4.  If I was a 23 year old millionaire athlete, I would be doing the exact same thing.  I’m not, and I still do very similar things.

3.  Big Ben graduates college.  Now it’s your turn to watch your backs in the restroom, grad school ladies.

2.  Does this make Phoenix a hockey town now? 

1.   In 2012, I can go see an Accept cover band with Iron Maiden and AC/DC cover bands opening up for them.  God bless America!

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Doctor and Dude Show - Rose Injury and Chicago Bulls Fallout

The Bulls are down a point guard and Chicago's title hopes suddenly look bleak.  This week the Dude gives a report after watching them live (while not busy drinking in his luxury box) and breaks down the rest of the NBA playoff picture.  Plus, grown men fighting and grown horses racing...what a time of year!

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