The Dude and Joe C. discuss the new champions for both the NBA and NHL. The Dude witnesses the weaponization of an ambulance. Joe sees a film starring a man known only as "The Dude". Football fever is getting cranked up. Don't miss a minute!

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Your humble hosts both lament Tebow joining the Patriots, while simultaneously predicting he will throw a pass or three in the regular season. How do they navigate this mental tightrope? The Dude enjoys some baseball, while Joe wishes he'd ended his hockey lockout sooner. The Dude will witness a Three Stages of Hell match. Joe has no idea what that means. Cut the F'n music: It's the Doctor and Dude Show!

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The Dude shares the NBA prop bet that is driving him crazy. Joe continues his personal NHL lockout. The Dude discovers a new world that is both Fast and Furious. A gentlemanly discussion concerning the future of Tim Tebow is had by all. The Dude reports on the strange goings on in Chikara. Listen now and Feel the Madness!

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