Doctor and Dude Show - Bowl Mania!

It's bowl season on the Doctor and Dude Show.  The boys break down a number of college football matchups, try to squeeze a few more bets on the NFL's regular season, and peruse the Super Bowl futures.  Plus, there's only one way for 2011 to go out - fighting, UFC style!

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Doctor and Dude Show - ACC and Pac-12 Basketball

Is it east vs. west, or man against man?  In this holiday edition of the Doctor and Dude Show, the boys break down ACC and Pac-12 basketball, the Doctor rants about NFL teams that laid week 15 eggs, and the Dude explores the seedy underbelly of professional darts.  Happy holidays to the Doctor and Dude nation!

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Doctor and Dude Show - Big 10 Basketball Edition

Continuing with their college basketball analysis, the boys tackle Big 10 basketball and try to determine if the Hoosiers are for real.  Also, Steelers vs. Niners and Patriots vs. Broncos highlights week 15 of the NFL.

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Doctor and Dude Show - Big East Basketball

The Dude has love for the Big East and none for Tim Tebow.  He and the Doctor talk NFL lines, Army vs. Navy, and which teams from one of college basketball's toughest conference will be dancing in March.

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Doctor and Dude Show - College Football Championship Week

In the final week of college football, the Doctor and Dude break down championship game action and an LSU/Alabama rematch.  Plus, gambling on the Republican nominee for President...does anyone want to win this thing?

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Doctor and Dude Show - College Football Rivalry Week

As college football winds to a close, the boys dissect rivalry week, more NFL injuries, and Clemson's woeful play of late.  Plus, which Canadian football team will rule them all - Winnipeg or British Columbia?

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Doctor and Dude Show - NFL Quarterback Injuries Edition

With several NFL passers limping into Week 10, the boys break down how their teams will respond.  Plus two sports that last longer than a UFC match: ice skating and professional wrestling!

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Doctor and Dude Show - Boxing + UFC = Fight Night!

With the Steelers off the table for discussion, the boys focus on LSU's big win, the out of control Jay Cutler hate, and who might have a good shot at winning the NCAA tournament (hint: the Dude wasn't high on Duke).  Plus, Saturday night is Fight Night!

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Doctor and Dude Show - Vegas Fallout

Can the Steelers get two big home wins in a row?  Will Texas A&M ever win a big matchup again?  Did the Dude shave off his 'stache?  The answers to these and other questions are answered this week on the Doctor and Dude Show!

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Doctor and Dude Best of Vegas Show

Live from Vegas, the boys record their Best of Vegas Show, jam packed with tips and recommendations to make your Vegas trip memorable.  Plus, bonus tips from our special Vegas correspondent, Joe!

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Doctor and Dude Show - Vegas Mania

With only a couple days separating the boys from their latest Vegas adventure, the Doctor and Dude try to focus long enough to give some NFL and NCAA picks.  Plus, the Dude makes a guarantee about his teasers this weekend, and there's a lot more than cash on the line!

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Week 6 NFL Doctor and the Dude Show

It's another crazy week of sprots betting fun, as the boys cover football, baseball, hockey, cricket, and...wait, what?  CRICKET?!  Who bets on cricket?  The Doctor and Dude, that's who!

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Let’s keep the baseball picks rolling into the League Championship round!

Detroit (+120) vs. Texas (-140)

Hitters: Both of these teams feature stacked lineups that are hitting the ball well right now.  For that to continue in the ALCS, each side will have to step up their game against very tough starting pitching.  The Tigers would love to see Miggy Cabrera warm up and Delmon “Yankee Killer” Young stay hot in the second round.  And speaking of hot, Adrian Beltre was scorching against the Rays.  EDGE: EVEN

Starting Pitching:  Again, both sides have very strong rotations (it’s no coincidence these teams are playing deep into October), so we need to look at the matchups.  C.J. Wilson is a solid ace at the top of the Rangers rotation, and he’ll be followed by capable starters in Derek Holland and Colby Lewis.  But the matchups seem to favor the Tigers in this series.  It starts at the top with the best pitcher in the AL, Justin Verlander.  Then comes Doug Fister, who followed his breakout regular season with a Game 5 gem against the Yankees.  The Tigers are also solid at the back of the rotation with Max Scherzer and Rick Porcello, though this is where the advantage may swing in the Rangers’ favor.  Still, Detroit is so tough at the top that I have to give them the nod.    EDGE: TIGERS

Bullpen: Tigers closer Jose Valverde made good on his guarantee and shut down the Yankees for the series win.  That said, Detroit’s bullpen just can’t stack up against their counterparts from Texas top to bottom.  Feliz is the hard-throwing closer that gets all the attention, but Uehara and Adams bridge the late innings as well as any setup men in the business. EDGE: RANGERS

Other Factors: Ron Washington is a by-the-books guy, but at this point you have to give him some credit for getting his team to back-to-back ALCS appearances.  As for Jim Leyland, he’s cut out of the Tony La Russa mold with his constant lineup tinkering.  Neither guy is likely to make a big difference in this series.  The Rangers have home field advantage, though that’s at least partially mitigated by the fact that they’ll be facing Verlander in the first game.

The Pick: There are a lot of potential heroes in each of these lineups, but for me it comes down to the starting pitching matchups.  With a big pitching edge in Game One, Detroit has a great chance of taking this series home with at least one win, which would flip home field advantage in their favor.  While I do think the Rangers will ride their potent offense and dominant bullpen to a couple wins, the starting matchups line up perfectly for a Tigers upset.  The positive overlay on your wager is just the icing on the cake.  DETROIT +120

St. Louis (+125) vs. Milwaukee (-145)

Hitters: St. Louis led the NL in runs scored in 2011, so there’s no doubt they bring great bats into this series.  Pujols and Berkman were big for the Cardinals in their divisional matchup with Philly, while newly acquired Rafael Furcal had some big hits to fuel the upset.  The big question surrounding St. Louis is the status of Matt Holliday and his injured finger.  Holliday was basically a non-contributor against the Phillies. The Brewers are no slouches on the offensive side, with two of the best in the game in Braun and Fielder.  As we’ve mentioned before, the Brewers have a gaping hole in their lineup at the shortstop position, but otherwise are fairly solid.  If Holliday is healthy, the Cardinals have a pretty clear edge.  If not, things get a lot murkier. The current reports out of St. Louis are that Holliday is back to regular batting practice, so we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. EDGE: CARDINALS.

Starting Pitchers: The Cardinals are very solid throughout their rotation, though none of their starters was dominant in the regular season.  Chris Carpenter looked like his former Cy Young self against the Phillies, including a gem for the ages in Game 5.  If that continues, St. Louis may have the ace they need.  I mentioned in the divisional preview that Zach Greinke came alive in the second half, and he’ll be starting Game 1 for the Brewers.  Gallardo and Marcum are very capable starters as well.  EDGE: BREWERS

Bullpen: This was an area of weakness for both teams at the start of the season, but developed into a strength by the end.  The Cardinals ‘pen has the versatility that La Russa enjoys, and that will come in handy against the Braun/Fielder combo.  Milwaukee had a couple late meltdowns in their series against Arizona, but will likely have those issues straightened out coming into this matchup. EDGE: EVEN

Other Factors: The managerial matchup is a huge edge for the Cardinals, as La Russa has been under the bright lights of October many times in the past.  But that advantage is countered by Milwaukee’s home field advantage, which showed up again in the divisional playoffs (3-0 at home, 0-2 in Arizona).  Milwaukee just needs to hold serve at home to take this series.

The Pick: I’ve gone back and forth on this one.  The Brewers are great at home in general, and even tougher when Greinke takes the hill (11-0 at home) as he likely will in Games One and Five.  But the Cardinals are one of the few teams that can get to Milwaukee in Miller Park, as evidenced by their road sweep of the Brewers in August.  This has the potential to be a chippy series, because these teams don’t like each other much.  With an experienced manager, a veteran lineup, and a potential ace in Carpenter that seems to be rounding into form at just the right time, the Cardinals can ride their momentum to a World Series rematch with the Tigers.  ST. LOUIS +125



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Doctor and Dude Show - Week 5 NFL Lines

With a quarter of the NFL season in the books, the Dude tries to keep his Survivor streak going.  Plus teasers, college picks, a baseball update, and some hot German soccer action!

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Doctor and Dude Show - NFL Week 4

Nearing the quarter pole of the NFL season, the Dude sees a glimmer of hope for the Bears this weekend while the Doctor is disgusted with the Jets' recent performance.  Plus college football picks, the Dude's signature teasers, and a look at who just might be hoisting the World Series trophy in a month.

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Doctor and Dude - NFL Week 3 show

The boys look at some road favorites in the NFL for week 3 and dip into the mailbag for the upcoming LSU vs. West Virginia matchup.  Plus dudes who kick ass and have strange must be the UFC!

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The Doctor and Dude Show - NFL Week 2

The boys try not to overreact to week 1 NFL blowouts, particularly after a tough opener for the Steelers.  Plus college football, baseball, and Grand Prix racing!

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9/7/2011 - Gambling on the NFL Opening Week

It's football overload for the Doctor and Dude.  NFL week 1 action, survivor pool picks, the Dude's teasers, and a healthy dose of college pigskin...this show is brimming with football goodness.  Plus, the Dude prepares for Dragon's Gate wrestling!

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8/31/11 - College Football Opening Weekend

The guys open the college football's season in style, debating the relative merits of LSU, Oregon, Georgia, Notre Dame, and more.  Plus the Doctor and the Dude are riding an amazing hot streak in baseball...can it last?

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The Doctor and The Dude Show - 2011 NFL Preview

The NFL is almost here, so it's time to do our annual pro football preview.  The Dude gives his opinion on EVERY team in the NFL, and the guys pick early conference champs.  Get all the NFL betting action you can handle from the Doctor and the Dude!

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The Doctor and The Dude Show - 8/24/11: Pac 12 and Big 12 football preview

The final college football preview focuses on the Pac 12 and Big 12 conferences, with a cameo from the party crashing Mountain West.  Plus the death penalty, Hurricane style!

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The Doctor and The Dude Show - 8/17/11

Special guest and LSU Tigers fan Rachel joins the boys as the college football preview continues.  This week: SEC and ACC conference picks!

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The Doctor and The Dude Show - 8/10/11

The boys welcome Joe D. to the show for a Big 10 and Big East college football preview.  Will Ohio State overcome the distractions?  Will Notre Dame make a BCS bowl?  Will any team step up in the Big East?  Find out this week!

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The Doctor and The Dude Show - 8/3/11

The Doctor and Dude discuss Heisman futures, baseball picks, and the future of Tim Tebow and Kyle Orton.  Plus, a little love for NASCAR!

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The Doctor and The Dude Show - 7/27/11

The NFL is back!  The Dude can't contain his excitement as football draws near.  Get ready for NFL, college, and even Arena League action!

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The Doctor and The Dude Show - 7/20/11

After some ribbing from Harry Potter fans, the Dude responds in his typically fair and even-measured fashion.  Plus baseball picks and college football futures.

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The Doctor and The Dude Show - 7/13/11

The Doctor and Dude cover second half baseball action, the British Open, and Austrian soccer.  Plus...Harry Potter?!?

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The Doctor and The Dude Show - 7/6/11

Buckeye Bryan helps the guys preview baseball's second half action.  This week it's the National League breakdown!  Plus baseball bets and Formula One racing.

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The Doctor and The Dude Show - 6/29/11

Special Guest Buckeye Bryan helps the Doctor and Dude break down second half baseball action in the American League.  Who do they like to take the AL Pennant?  Plus Dude's lines around the world for both the French and American fans!

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The Doctor and The Dude Show - 6/22/11

The Doctor and Dude talk all things MLB, except for one team that shall remain nameless (cough Pittsburgh).  Plus football talk, both domestic and abroad, and Ring of Honor wrestling.

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The Doctor and The Dude Show - 6/8/11

Is Lebron choking in the NBA Finals?  Is Boston seizing the momentum in the NHL Finals?  Can the boys rally from their worst baseball week of the season?  Will Congressman Weiner have a job this time next month?  All these questions and more will be covered this week!

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The Doctor and The Dude Show - 6/1/11

As the NBA and NHL playoffs come to a close, the boys try to squeeze in a few last bets.  Plus baseball continues to be a hot proposition for the Doctor and Dude.  And betting on...electronics trade shows?  What an age we live in!

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The Doctor and The Dude Show - 5/25/11

In a special show dedicated to the late Randy Savage, the Dude discusses his great admiration for the wrestler they called "Macho Man".  Plus NBA and NHL conference final wrapups, baseball picks, and UFC.

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The Doctor and The Dude Show - 5/18/11

The Doctor and The Dude cover all the sports gambling action in the NBA and NHL conference finals.  Plus baseball picks and the World Series of Poker!

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The Doctor and The Dude Show - 5/11/11

As the second round of the NBA and NHL playoffs come to a close, the Doctor and the Dude look at potential conference final matchups.  Plus, will their hot baseball streak continue?

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The Doctor and The Dude Show - 5/4/2011

This week the boys cover second round playoff action in the NBA and NHL, more baseball picks, and the Dude plays the ponies!

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Heading into the second round of the NBA and NHL playoffs, the Doctor and Dude take a look at which teams are crumbling under the pressure.  Plus more scorching hot baseball picks and a little UFC from across the border.

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It's time for more playoff picks in the NBA and NHL, plus it's only April but the MLB action is already sizzling!

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The Doctor and The Dude Show - 4/13/11

The NHL and NBA playoffs are upon us!  This week the Doctor and the Dude give playoff picks, hit some more MLB highlights, and answer another mailbag question.

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The Doctor and The Dude Show - 4/6/11

This week the Doctor and the Dude cover their favorite picks from the NBA, MLB, and NHL.  Plus it's a tradition like no other: debating the merits of Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson!

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The Doctor and The Dude Show - Wrestlemania Special 2011

It's the biggest pro wrestling event of the year!  The Dude handicaps every Wrestlemania match and the guys introduce their first contest.  All this plus Ring of Honor, Dragon Gate, and Lucha Libre!

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The Doctor and The Dude Show - 3/23/11

With the first two rounds of the NCAA Tournament in the books, the Doctor and the Dude look at the lines for the Sweet Sixteen.  Also on tap: NBA title futures and the NHL playoff push!

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The Doctor and The Dude Show - March Madness 2011

It's time to fill out your bracket.  The Doctor and the Dude go game by game through the NCAA Tournament and give their advice about which teams will go deep into March.  If you're thinking about entering an office pool, definitely check this one out!

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The Doctor and The Dude Show - 3/9/11

On the eve of Selection Sunday, the guys tab potential conference winners in the ACC, SEC, and Mountain West.  Meanwhile, as Britain eagerly anticipates an upcoming union, the Dude looks for a way to turn all that romance into profit!

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The Doctor and The Dude Show - 3/2/2011

It's conference tourney time in the world of college basketball.  The guys discuss who will be dancing this more ways than one.  Plus, a first for The Doctor and The Dude Show: a mailbag question!

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The Doctor and The Dude Show - 2/16/11

In their inaugural online show, the Doctor and the Dude discuss over and undervalued college basketball teams from the Big East, Big Ten, and Big Twelve conferences.  Also, the guys make Bracket Busters picks and the Dude makes some bold predictions in the world of competitive darts.

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