10.  I spent Sunday night watching Dragon Gate USA tear up the Congress Theater.  You won’t find much better wrestling out there than DGUSA, even if you did have to pay ball park prices for beer!   

9.  So if this is going on, why isn't pro wrestling in the Olympics?   It’s all rigged!  My only question for Olympic pro wrestling would be who the masked guys from Parts Unknown will represent.

8.  Training camp has started for the NFL, and not a minute too soon.  If these guys were out of camp for another week, half the league would be in the police blotter.

7.  The new Dream Team wins, but not by enough to impress America.  If we don’t see our boys crushing the world by at least 50 points, it might as well be a loss.  Thank god we’ve all forgotten those teams that didn’t even medal a few years back.

6.  Ryan Lochte beat Michael Phelps.  I see this one shaping up for a Rocky III ending, and we all know how that ends.  It’s just sad that Mickey has to die again.

5.  I’m all for women being empowered.  Be proud, ladies!  

4.  Fantasy football is coming up soon.  Is it just me, or did this jump the shark about five years ago?  I just hope I can get Eddie George in my draft.

3.  Zach Greinke heads to the Angels to heat the AL West race up further.  With Josh Hamilton’s issues, this may be the most interesting race in baseball down the stretch.  Sorry Yankees! 

2.  Red Sox take 2 out of 3 from the Yankees to hit .500 and still sit in the cellar.  The Orioles and Blue Jays must wish that they were in the AL Central every day they look at the standings.

1.  Will the Reds ever lose again?   With the way they're playing, I’m starting to have my doubts.  Maybe Dusty Baker finally figured out how to manage a team that doesn’t choke.  Of course, he may just let them choke on a bigger stage this fall.

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The college football preview continues with the Pac12. Is it a two team race or will another team rise to challenge Oregon and USC? Plus, the Dude celebrates the opening of the Olympic Games the only way he knows how: crazy prop bets!

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The Dude's Top Ten for July 23, 2012

10.  Silas Young retains his belt in controversial manner at AAW this weekend.  That's all fine and good, but I'm ready for dollar beers again next month!

9.  Bradley Wiggins wins the Tour de France, the first Brit to win in 75 years.  He should enjoy for the week or two before he's stripped for doping!

8.  The Tigers sweep the White Sox this weekend, right before I go to the game on Monday to see the Sox and Twins.  I think that the Sox are lulling the rest of the AL Central into a false sense of security.  Or they just suck.  I'm hoping it's the former.

7.  The NFL off season plows on with more arrests.  I suspect that Goddell is ready for these boys to get to camp.  Once they're there, he can fine them for being out past curfew as well as DUI!

6.  Ron Santo, along with Barry Larkin, were inducted into the baseball Hall of Fame this weekend.  Cubs fans better enjoy it.  It's probably the only winning the Cubbies have in them for the next century.

5.  We all need goals.  Mine is to one day have a Steeler's hair sweater.  Until then, this guy wins.

4.  Are you ready for some football!  I know I am, even if it's Canadian.  I can't wait to see that 110 yard touchdown play!

3.  The Reds can't lose and the Pirates are keeping pace.  Could a wild card come out of the NL Central?  Sure, but I bet it's the Cards.  If anyone can screw it up, in Dusty we trust!

2.  Ernie Els won the British Open after Adam Scott had a melt down for the ages.  It's like Scott styled his play after the Ravens.  Yeah, he'll find a way to lose.  God I'm ready for football.

1.  No death penalty for Penn State, but a big bomb either way.  This one is going to hurt in Happy Valley and college football won't feel the same again for a while.

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Doctor and Dude Show - ACC Football Preview

With football only a couple short months away, the boys start their college football preview with the ACC. Is Florida State a title contender? Can Virginia Tech get to double digit wins? How much does the Dude hate Duke? All these questions and more will be covered this week.

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10.  If you’re looking for something to read on the beach this summer, check out Frank Deford’s new memoir, Over Time.  Deford is a veteran sports writer and he has stories and nuggets that will entertain any sports fan.  His tales of covering the early years of the NBA really give modern sports perspective.  Very highly recommended.

9.  It’s good to see that after a hundred plus years, the rules of baseball still seem to elude the guys who are in charge of keeping them. 

8.  Olympic boxing can be a riveting and exciting sport.  Olympic foxy boxing could be riveting and exciting as well, but in its own way.  I can’t wait for the gold medal match between Tawnie and Dream! 

7.  Drama and the Knicks?  I’m shocked!  Between Jeremy Lin’s contract offer, Melo’s opinion on it, and Jason Kidd introducing himself to the New York faithful with a DUI, sounds like a typical week at the Garden.  Now they just need to bring Isaiah Thomas back.

6.  If you’re like me, you’re ready to never hear about Penn State again.  For that reason, I whole heartedly endorse Drew Magary’s five point plan for Penn State football.  "Penn Tech: Molester-Free Since 2013."

5.  The Pirates started the 2nd half of the baseball season dropping 2 out of 3 in Milwaukee.  This isn’t news in the least.  In fact, winning a game in Milwaukee is probably a sign that things really are moving in the right direction!

4.  Last night, John Cena was the big winner at the WWE’s Money in the Bank show.  I think I’ll give MMA another shot once they introduce ladder matches to the octagon.

3.  Oh Jay, I would expect nothing less.  When it comes to being a NFL heel, you’re up there with the best of them!  

2.  The NL won the All Star Game last week and headed into the break thinking that they have a chance against the AL once the World Series rolls around.  If I was an NL contender, I’d be rooting as hard as possible for the Rangers.  Ron Washington can always find a way to lose to the NL when it counts.

1.  Dear sweet God, football is almost back!  I’m just going to keep counting down the days and you can tune into the Doctor and Dude Show this week as we start our college football preview.  We’ll be breaking down one conference this week and I’ll give you a hint.  The Doctor and I both have a huge rooting interest in this one.  Talk to you Wednesday and have a great week!

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Doctor and Dude Show - Baseball Divisional Futures

With the All Star break come and gone, the boys break down MLB second half divisional futures and try to sort through NBA trade rumors. Plus, the Dude prognosticates about Justin Bieber's future love life.

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10.  After some concern due a awfully big guy showing up, I was able to successfully defend my big splash title on the 4th of July, keeping my clean sweep of the 21st century going.  This is one case where going with the chalk is like taking candy from a baby!

9.  Roger Federer won Wimbledon for a record tying seventh time.  Some commentators refer to him as the Dude of tennis, but he has some more winning to do to be in my category! 

8.  It wouldn’t be the off season of the NFL without some players behaving badly, but Adrian Peterson getting arrested has serious implications as fantasy season approaches!  

7.  The Celtics feel betrayed that Ray Allen took his talents to South Beach.  The Nets feel optimistic with Deron Williams signing on and Dwight Howard in their sites.  The Knicks are excited about Jason Kidd.  And the rest of us are looking forward to football being back so we can go back to ignoring the NBA until the playoffs roll around again! 

6.  For well over a decade now, my old pal and fellow long suffering Pirates fan Henry and I have joked about young pitching that would come and save us from our ineptitude.  Reading this article makes me unsure whether to laugh or cry.  

5.  A new Dream Team, led by Lebron, to bring the gold home?  Is it possible for Americans to root against their own country?  Probably not, but Lebron won’t make this easy!  

4.  Anderson Silva beat Chael Sonnen on Saturday night in the big UFC grudge match.  I heard many people talking about the great hype and promos that built up the match.  Whether they want to admit it or not, this type of thing already has a name.  It’s pro wrestling!  

3.  Being in the great state of West by god Virginia this past week meant I heard a lot of talk about the Greenbrier Classic.  Even Tiger Woods showed up to play golf in WV.  The cocktails waitresses of the state hadn’t been this excited since Bill Clinton’s last trip through.

2.  I got to see the Pirates in person on Thursday night as they continued their hot streak and beat the Astros on a brutally hot night.  The Iron City was on tap though and I was able to power through.  If the Bucs can just keep this up for another two and a half months, I’ll be able to celebrate the end of the worst streak in sports and the beer will really flow!

1.  As we reach the All Star break, the Yankees and Rangers look like the class of the AL, but the NL is pretty topsy turvy.  Could this be the year that we see the Pirates and Nationals both in the playoffs?  Will the top of the AL continue to run roughshod?  I don’t know the answers to these questions, but I know if I keep picking underdogs in our twitter baseball contest like I have been, I’ll be going to the pay window in the second half and that will put a smile on my face!

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Doctor and Dude Show - Midseason Baseball with Buckeye Bryan

On America's birthday, baseball guru Buckeye Bryan joins the boys to discuss his preseason totals picks and prognosticate about the second half.  Plus, the Dude discusses his patriotic spirit and gives a shout out to our neighbor's to the north in honor of Canada Day!

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The Dude's Top Ten for July 2, 2012

10. Happy 4th of July to all the American members of the Doctor and Dude Nation! I recommend watching this video on a loop to get ready for the day.

9. And happy Canada Day to all our Canadian friends. For you, I recommend watching the greatest event to ever happen on Canadian soil.

8. So the NFL is going to soften their black out policy. That's great news for fans in Cincinnati and Buffalo. I wouldn't want to have to pay to see those teams either.

7. Wednesday is the Nathan's Hot Dog eating contest. What is more all American than a celebration of gluttony! Now if it was a beer drinking contest, I might have to throw my hat in the ring.

6. The Pirates took two out of three from the Cardinals this weekend to stay right in the hunt for the NL Central. Of course, at this time last year they were in the same spot and ended up dying at the end. I don't know if my heart can handle that again, so get it done Bucs! Also, make sure you're following our twitter this week (@doctoranddude) to see pictures from my trip to see the Pirates in Pittsburgh.

5. Maria Sharapova was the top seed at Wimbledon but got bounced from the tourney. I hope she knows that my offer to provide a shoulder to cry on is still good. Or a back rub. Or a front rub.

4. Spain stomped Italy to win Euro 2012. Next time I order a pizza, I'm going to have to throw in some taunting about Italy's shortcomings. I'm sure the Latin American gentleman who makes the pizza in the back will be deeply offended.

3. Dwight Howard is asking to get traded again. At this point, I think the Flint Tropics would be a good destination for him.

2. In case you needed another reason to be nervous about the coming robo-pocalypse, now robots are cheating at rock, paper, scissors. Is nothing sacred?

1. MLB announced the All Star rosters and it looks like quite an event. With each team having 50 guys on the roster, I hope we don't have to worry about running out of pitchers again!

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