The Good Men of the Doctor and Dude show present a well rounded investing formula including, stocks, football bets, mega teasers and some advanced tips on investing in the growth market of professional wrestling. More realistically, get ready for Broncos, Steelers, West Virginia, Ball State and more more more. Also, how much does Manning love Papa Johns. And why Necro Butcher is a wrestler you need to know! A show so jam packed, the closing music plays The Dude out before he is even done talking. You can only get excitement like this from the Doctor and Dude Show!

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The No Fun League Strikes Again! Bizzarre new helmet laws make throwback games difficult or impossible in the NFL. Joe C. is angry and the Dude is none too pleased. Plus, the Dude says it is make it or break it time for the Steelers. Joe bets against Air Force, or was it Army? Is that even American?!? Listen in and hear every word. Also, NCAA, MMA, and a little WCW, ECW and WWE for good measure.

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The first week of NFL is over, and the Dude and Joe C. pick up the pieces and look forward to week two. Are the Raiders for real? What is going on in New England? ANd why oh why do the Tampa Bay Bucs hate winning so much? All this, college picks, mega teasers and more. Heat up some flavored butter and download now!

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Actual NFL football WILL BE PLAYED so soon it's making us dizzy. The Dude jumps in with picks for College Football Week 2 and NFL WEEK ONE! Joe is more than a little upset about how his picks last week turned out. NFL picks, Dude's Lines, Squared Circle, Robocop Butter. And a twitter contest?!? Listen in and found out how YOU can get involved and HIT THE PAYWINDOW!

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