The Dude's mind is blown with all the football going on in this action packed edition of the Doctor and Dude Show.  He talks every single bowl game, despite not knowing the name of a single one.  Check it out and get the inside scoop on the Slim Jim Bowl only at!

Direct download: D_and_D_12_18.mp3
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The Dude is running fast and dirty this week with a quick breakdown of NFL week 15 and promises of bowl specials to come!

Direct download: D_and_D_12_11.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 9:58pm CDT

The Dude is flying solo this week and he's breaking down the all the college action including the college conference championships.  He breaks down the NFL and does the People's Choice Awards one better and gives his Dude's Choice Awards!  Check it out now!

Direct download: D_and_D_12_4.mp3
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The Dude is flying solo this week and feeling in the festive holiday spirit.  He's counting down what he's thankful for and touches on football, Slim Jims, the ladies, beheading turkeys with karate chops, and of course his beloved Steelers.  Be thankful and check it out!

Direct download: D_and_D_11_27.mp3
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The Dude is back and gabbering on for a while about all the news of the day.  He talks the Steelers not being losers, Big Ten football, how to avoid pesky children, and fisticuffs!  Check it out now for all this and more only at!

Direct download: D_and_D_11_20.mp3
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Your old pal the Dude is all by his lonesome tonight as Joe C. has truly found something far more important than taking a trip to the pay window, and that's saying something!  The Dude rambles on about the week that was in football, the debacle that is Florida professional football, the wonder that is Florida State football, reality tv betting odds, and unleashes a diatribe on the state of wrestling today.  It's more Dude than any one show should be forced to handle, but check it out now only at the Doctor and Dude Show!

Direct download: D_and_D_11_6.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 10:35pm CDT

Has the Dude forsaken the Steelers? Joe has some hot tips about a Pirate themed sports team, and no, it's not the Bucs OR the Buccos. Hockey is happening. Sports writers puts words in Dez Bryant's mouth, and that's just lazy writing. Which era of wrestling was the best era? Mega-teasers, smart sports bets.  Also, how to use the Jerky Boys to rattle a QB. And more possibly fake sponsors than can be listed here.

Direct download: DocandDude_10_30.mp3
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The Dude's hope for the Steelers burns bright as they rack up yet another win. Joe tells you the exact date he sees Schiano packing bags and leaving Tampa for good. FSU vs. Clemson: What the big win for FSU means, and what it means for each team going forward. Also, Cowboys, Rams, Packers, Falcons vs. Cardinals, Can Bobby's presence at Doak shake off NC State's historic edge over FSU? Will Joe ever get a bet right involving the Redhawks? Would you pay good money to see a LIVE ACTION VOLTRON MOVIE? If TNA Wrestling went backrupt today, what would be the impact? Plus, Dude's Lines!

Direct download: DocandDiude_10_23.mp3
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NFL picks, NCAA picks, MRSA at One Buc Place, Josh "Mr. Monday Night" Freeman, Is Brady the King of Comebacks? The Doc wieghs in on the NFL, Can anyone find Miami (OH) on a map?!? The Dude tells you about sports in Korea. North or South Korea, you ask? Well, why not listen in and find out, jerky!

Direct download: DocandDude_10_16.mp3
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The Dude is not used to the sort of insanity that post season MLB action can bring upon an unwary individual. He fights for sanity while hoping the Buccos keep the good times flowing. Also, a look back at Broncos/Cowboys. Northwestern's deathspiral against Ohio State. Eliminansta Fueds are a BIG DEAL and none other than The Doctor is here to break it down for you. Also, Josh Freeman, Minnesota Viking. FSU vs. Clemson: a look forward. Iron Sky wins the Golden Clapboard Award. Favortie Gimmick Matches in Pro Wrestling. Who'll die in the Simpsons and how you should bet. And of course, NFL and NCAA sports bets. I mean, that is the point of the show, right?

Direct download: DandD_10_9.mp3
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The Dude goes crazy for Bucco Baseball. Joe C. comments on the craziness afoot in Buccaneer Football. The Broncos threaten to bankrupt Vegas. Robocop celebrates Oktoberfest. Also, wrestling, movies and wrestlers IN MOVIES.  All this, plus Dude Lines.

Direct download: DocandDude_10_3.mp3
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The Good Men of the Doctor and Dude show present a well rounded investing formula including, stocks, football bets, mega teasers and some advanced tips on investing in the growth market of professional wrestling. More realistically, get ready for Broncos, Steelers, West Virginia, Ball State and more more more. Also, how much does Manning love Papa Johns. And why Necro Butcher is a wrestler you need to know! A show so jam packed, the closing music plays The Dude out before he is even done talking. You can only get excitement like this from the Doctor and Dude Show!

Direct download: DocandDude_9_24.mp3
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The No Fun League Strikes Again! Bizzarre new helmet laws make throwback games difficult or impossible in the NFL. Joe C. is angry and the Dude is none too pleased. Plus, the Dude says it is make it or break it time for the Steelers. Joe bets against Air Force, or was it Army? Is that even American?!? Listen in and hear every word. Also, NCAA, MMA, and a little WCW, ECW and WWE for good measure.

Direct download: DocAndDude_9_18.mp3
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The first week of NFL is over, and the Dude and Joe C. pick up the pieces and look forward to week two. Are the Raiders for real? What is going on in New England? ANd why oh why do the Tampa Bay Bucs hate winning so much? All this, college picks, mega teasers and more. Heat up some flavored butter and download now!

Direct download: DocandDude_9_11.mp3
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Actual NFL football WILL BE PLAYED so soon it's making us dizzy. The Dude jumps in with picks for College Football Week 2 and NFL WEEK ONE! Joe is more than a little upset about how his picks last week turned out. NFL picks, Dude's Lines, Squared Circle, Robocop Butter. And a twitter contest?!? Listen in and found out how YOU can get involved and HIT THE PAYWINDOW!

Direct download: DocandDude_9_4.mp3
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With Football being played again, The Dude and Joe C. jump in and throw some betting advice your way ON ACTUAL FOOTBALL GAMES!!! Will UF, Notre Dame, FSU and Nebraska find a way to cover those giant spreads? Dude talks Northwestern, Clemson and more. Wait, Rutgers? The Dude told you which way to bet correctly, but it didn't get posted until it was too late. Heads rolled. The Doctor and Dude Show marches on. Also, Squared Circle talks Dude's favorite wrestlers then  Movie Corner and where in the world will Dude's Lines find The Dude this week?

Direct download: DocAndDude_8_28.mp3
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It's ALL NFL, ALL THE TIME! Get ready!!! This is the show that will send your football fever into overdirve. Every team, every conference is discussed in this supersized special. Which teams are Super Bowl Bound? What team imay already be playing for the coveted first round draft pick? And who the heck is the coach of Jaguars anyway? No team is left out. And a very special guest returns to make sure every pick is right and the paywindow is always in sight: THE DOCTOR!!!

Direct download: DocAndDude_8_25.mp3
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More top schools than you can wrap your mind around, and they are all crammed into the SEC! The Dude and Joe C., dissect this mess of football powerhouses and try not to get hurt. Will Alabama have a perfect season? Is it wrong to be a Gator? What will come of Johnny Football? Also, Summerslam leaves The Dude in disgust. Joe takes a trip to a historic dog track. Dude's Lines takes a look to the land downunder. All this, plus and more await you on this week's edition of The Doctor and Dude Show!

Direct download: DocandDude8_21.mp3
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Big 10 means Big Things and The Dude and Joe C., tear into all of them. Joe goes crazy for Nebraska. The Dude is fired up for Northwestern. Which team is best poised to ruin Ohio State's back to back perfect season dreams? Which offensive line should be called "The Wall of Roses"? FAMU's Marching 100 is back! The Dude sees "We're the Millers", while Joe buys a ticket to a similiarly titled film. Squared Circle asks the immortal question: "Whatchagonnado Brother!" Also, the show can never get enough Punisher and Dolph Lundgren. All this, plus Dudes Lines!

Direct download: DocandDude8_14.mp3
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Which Big 12 team can be called THE BIGGEST? What is going on in the MAC? How about the Sun Belt? Will Army and Navy combine forces to take on BYU? The Dude has some choice words for Notre Dame. Joe C., is jumping on some bandwagons that you might not expect. And... The Dude grew up in an orphanage?!? Normally, Squared Circle is kept under careful wraps, but who can be quiet when talking about D! D! P! BANG!

Direct download: DocandDude_8_6.mp3
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The Dude Presents...AAC and ACC Football Preview

Wait, what happened to the Big East? Who is the bigger ACC threat: FSU or Clemson? Is there any hope for the Temple Owls? The Dude and Joe C break down every team in both the AAC and ACC and tell you where the smart money should go. Also, UFC heads to exotic locales and forgets to pack original nicknames. The Dude sees a film, while Joe reads a comic, plus... Robocop?!?

Direct download: DocandDude_7_31.mp3
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Football is on the horizon and the Dude is all-fired up. Put on your cowboy hat, jump in the Conestoga wagon and get ready to head west and strike it rich! Also, Monsters vs. Robots: The Grand Finale, a look back at Money in the Bank, can the world survive Lesnar/Punk and if that's not enough: Dude's Lines.

Direct download: DocandDude7_24.mp3
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The Dude talks baseball. Joe talks baseball's troubles in Florida. Both wonder if the UF Gators should be outlawed. Shine's own Solo Darling is interviewed and tells you why the Shine 11 ippv should not be missed! Plus, your humble hosts find yet another way to talk about Monsters vs. Robots, RVD and MITB and... video games?!? All this and more, don't miss a second!

Direct download: DandD7_10.mp3
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The Dude and Joe C. discuss the new champions for both the NBA and NHL. The Dude witnesses the weaponization of an ambulance. Joe sees a film starring a man known only as "The Dude". Football fever is getting cranked up. Don't miss a minute!

Direct download: DandD6_26.mp3
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Your humble hosts both lament Tebow joining the Patriots, while simultaneously predicting he will throw a pass or three in the regular season. How do they navigate this mental tightrope? The Dude enjoys some baseball, while Joe wishes he'd ended his hockey lockout sooner. The Dude will witness a Three Stages of Hell match. Joe has no idea what that means. Cut the F'n music: It's the Doctor and Dude Show!

Direct download: DocAndDude6_12.mp3
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The Dude shares the NBA prop bet that is driving him crazy. Joe continues his personal NHL lockout. The Dude discovers a new world that is both Fast and Furious. A gentlemanly discussion concerning the future of Tim Tebow is had by all. The Dude reports on the strange goings on in Chikara. Listen now and Feel the Madness!

Direct download: DocAndDude6_5REAL.mp3
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The Dude ends his well earned sabatical and takes a hard look at NFL Season Over/Unders, the NFL playoffs, the NBA playoffs and lets you know where the smart money should go! He also introduces some new segments, and a new semi-permanent guest host, to the show. Drop whatever you are doing and listen NOW!

Direct download: DocandDude5_29.mp3
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The Dude is back breaking down the baseball season so far, the end of the NHL regular season, and the first round of the NBA playoffs.  He talks the NFL draft to and how to bet it.  The big announcement comes at the end though as the Dude lays out the future of the show and gets ready for his summer vacation.  Check out the show to learn about what's coming up in the future for the Doctor and Dude Show!

Direct download: D_and_D_4_24.mp3
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The Final Four is final and Wrestlemania has been pinned, so the Dude, going it alone, is moving his sights to baseball, with stops in the NBA, NHL, and recapping the NCAA tournament, including his final record against the spread and the winner of our bracket challenge.  Hats off to the winners and scorn on the losers (including one Dude).  Check it out now!

Direct download: D_and_D_4_10.mp3
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The Dude is going it alone this week to tackle the big events of the weekend, the Final Four and Wrestlemania!  He talks a little NBA and NHL, discusses proper rioting technique, and makes promises about talking baseball that he may or may not keep.  He's a little quick on the trigger (sorry ladies), but he'll be on the road for Wrestlemania so this one goes up early.  Check it out now!

Direct download: D_and_D_4_2.mp3
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The Dude is all worked up to talk about Wrestlemania and all other shows surrounding it in this special edition of the Doctor and Dude Show.  He's even more excited to be joined by Gabe Sapolsky of Evolve and Dragon Gate USA to talk about those great shows and Wrestlecon, which is taking place all Wrestlemania weekend.  He and the Dude discuss the great action and then the Dude breaks down all of the Wrestlemania betting odds to have you ready for the big show.  Check out this big special episode!

Direct download: D_and_D_WM_XXIX_Special.mp3
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I'm 31-24-1 after the Sweet Sixteen, so I'm going to keep this going with Elite Eight picks:

Marquette +5 vs. Syracuse

Wichita St +4.5 vs Ohio State

Louisville -3.5 vs Duke

Michigan +2.5 vs Florida

Winners all around and let's go to the pay window!

Category:general -- posted at: 10:40am CDT

I'm 27-20-1 heading into the Sweet Sixteen, so let's keep it rolling!  

Marquette +5 vs. Miami

Ohio St -3.5 vs Arizona

Syracuse +5.5 vs Indiana

Wichita St -4 vs La Salle

Louisville -10 vs Oregon

Kansas -2 vs Michigan

Michigan St +2 vs Duke (and not just on principle, even though picking Duke is against everything I believe in)

Florida Gulf Coast +13 vs No Good Florida Gators

Category:general -- posted at: 10:42pm CDT

The Dude is going it alone but feeling frisky as the NCAA tournament heats up!  He rides his solid first weekend with complete picks for the sweet sixteen and he'll get the rest of picks up right here over the weekend when the match ups are set.  He also tackles the NBA, NHL, international basketball, and teases an exciting Wrestlemania special on the horizon.  Check it all out now!

Direct download: D_and_D_3_27F.mp3
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We saw some ups and we saw some downs in round 1.  On Thursday, I was two games under at 7-9, but Friday was a good rally with a 10-5-1 record.  With one round in the books (I've disavowed the play in games), I stand at a solid 17-14-1. 

Now my picks for the second round (or whatever they call it now), hangover edition:


Midwest Region:
No. 3 Michigan State -6 vs. No. 6 Memphis
No. 1 Louisville vs. No. 8 Colorado State +11
No. 4 Saint Louis vs. No. 12 Oregon +4

South Region:
No. 4 Michigan vs. No. 5 VCU +4

West Region:
No. 6 Arizona vs. No. 14 Harvard +10.5
No. 1 Gonzaga vs. No. 9 Wichita State +7

East Region:
No. 3 Marquette -1.5 vs. No. 6 Butler
No. 4 Syracuse vs. No. 12 California +7

No. 10 Iowa State vs. No. 2 Ohio State -7

No. 9 Temple +11.5 vs. No. 1 Indiana

No. 8 North Carolina vs. No. 1 Kansas -6

No. 11 Minnesota +8.5  vs. No. 3 Florida

No. 15 Florida Gulf Coast +7.5 vs. No. 7 San Diego State 

No. 13 La Salle +3  vs. No. 12 Ole Miss

No. 7 Illinois +6.5 vs. No. 2 Miami (FL)

No. 7 Creighton +5 vs. No. 2 Duke

Category:general -- posted at: 11:00am CDT

No. 1 Kansas -20 vs. No. 16 Western Kentucky

No. 1 Gonzaga -22 vs. No. 16 Southern

No. 1 Louisville vs. No. 16 North Carolina AT +26.5

No. 1 Indiana vs. No. 16 James Madison +21

No. 2 Duke -185 vs. No. 15 Albany

No. 2 Georgetown vs. No. 15 Florida Gulf Coast +13.5

No. 2 Ohio State -14 vs. No. 15 Iona

No. 2 Miami -12 vs. No. 15 Pacific

No. 3 Michigan State vs. No. 14 Valparaiso +10.5

No. 3 Marquette -3.5 vs. No. 14 Davidson

No. 3 New Mexico -11 vs. No. 14 Harvard

No. 3 Florida -20.5 vs. No. 14 Northwestern State

No. 4 St. Louis -9.5 vs. No. 13 New Mexico State

No. 4 Michigan -11 vs. No. 13 South Dakota

No. 4 Syracuse vs. No. 13 Montana +12.5

No. 4 Kansas St -6 vs. No. 13 LaSalle

No. 5 Oklahoma State -2 vs. No. 12 Oregon

No. 5 VCU -7.5 vs. No. 12 Akron

No. 5 Wisconsin vs. No. 12 Ole Miss +6

No. 5 UNLV -3 vs. No. 12 California

No. 6 Butler -4 vs. No. 11 Bucknell

No. 6 Arizona vs. No. 11 Belmont +4.5

No. 6 UCLA vs. No. 11 Minnesota -3

No. 6 Memphis -1 vs. No. 11 St Mary's

No. 7 Creighton -3.5 vs. No. 10 Cincinnati

No. 7 Illinois -1.5 vs. No. 10 Colorado

No. 7 San Diego State -3 vs. No. 10 Oklahoma 

No. 7 Notre Dame -1.5 vs. No. 10 Iowa State

No. 8 Colorado State +3 vs. No. 9 Missouri

No. 8 Temple +4 vs. No. 9 NC State

No. 8 Pittsburgh vs. No. 9 Wichita State +4

No. 8 North Carolina vs. No. 9 Villanova +4

No. 8 UNC vs. No. 9 Villanova: UNC -3.5

Category:general -- posted at: 9:24am CDT

Technical difficulties for the Dude force the Doctor to fly solo as he discusses the first round of the NCAA Tournament and some potential prop bets. Plus, the Doc ends with a sad announcement about his future with the show.

Direct download: Doctor_and_Dude_Show_3_20_13.mp3
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With the tourney upon us, I'm ready to start my picks for the play-in games.  Yes, I know that it's called the first four or the first round or some such ridiculousness, but it's still really a play-in game.  I'll be picking every game in the tournament again this year, so in a few weeks I'll look smart, dumb, or just tired.  That's why they play the games!  So without further ado, my play-in picks:


North Carolina A&T -3 vs Liberty

Middle Tennessee St +3 vs St Mary's


LIU Brooklyn -1.5 vs James Madison

Boise St -1.5 vs LaSalle

Let's hope these bad boys start off the tourney with a bang!  Make sure to check here throughout the tournament for my full slate of picks (and the humility it brings) and definitely check out the tourney special that is up now.  We'll be back Wednesday breaking down the gambling action on the first round and I'm taking Friday afternoon off from the D and D Empire LLC mail room to watch games and tweet like a drunken madman.  You don't want to miss that!  Sign up for the Doctor and Dude bracket group over at ESPN and join in for the glory.  Good times!

Category:general -- posted at: 10:30am CDT

Check it out now and sign up for the official Doctor and Dude Show bracket challenge.  If you win, you'll get the admiration of the entire Doctor and Dude Nation, and what prize could beat that!  It should be a great tournament and the guys can't wait to see who you like.  Sign up now and share with your friends, family, and coworkers.  The more the merrier!  Click here and get on it:

Category:general -- posted at: 9:47am CDT

As America prepares for the annual tradition of filling out brackets and office pools, the boys try to read the tea leaves and determine which teams will surprise in 2013.

Direct download: Doctor_and_Dude_Show_3_17_13.mp3
Category:2013 -- posted at: 10:21pm CDT

Conference championships roll on as the Big Six tournments commence.  The boys discuss teams from the Big East, Big 12, and Pac-12 amongst others.  Plus, the Dude says goodbye to Mike Wallace and breaks down a couple big trades for wide receivers in the NFL.

Direct download: Doctor_and_Dude_Show_3_13_13.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 9:50pm CDT

March is here and the Dude is giving in to the Madness!  He and the Doc talk early conference tournament action, discuss some potential winners for the big tournament, and even find a little time for combat sports!

Direct download: Doctor_and_Dude_Show_3_6_13.mp3
Category:2013 -- posted at: 1:01am CDT

The NFL season is over, but the Doctor and Dude's love of football never ends.  The boys break down some recent news stories (spoiler: the Dude is still not a fan of Tom Brady) and predict whether a few bubble teams will make the Tournament or not.  Plus, gambling on the Pope!

Direct download: Doctor_and_Dude_Show_2_27_13.mp3
Category:2013 -- posted at: 9:40pm CDT

Awards season is here and we aren't talking sports! In this episode, the boys predict who will be recognized by Hollywood as the best (and WORST) of their profession!

Direct download: Doctor_and_Dude_Show_2_20_13.mp3
Category:2013 -- posted at: 10:02pm CDT

The Doctor and Dude are kicking it live in Northern California and that can only mean one thing - BONUS EPISODE! And with March Madness just a couple short weeks away, the boys can't resist a chance to look at some potential tournament teams (courtesy of Andy Glockner's excellent Bubble Watch feature on and assess their chances.

Direct download: Doctor_and_Dude_Show_2_17_13.mp3
Category:2013 -- posted at: 4:02pm CDT

The sport of football (non-U.S. flavor) suffered a major black eye with the recent revelation that widespread match fixing had affected hundreds of games on multiple continents.  The boys take a little time out of their regular schedule of wacky fun to discuss what this means for the future of soccer, sports betting in the United States, and whether a similar scandal could ever hit American sports. Plus, under the radar basketball teams that could make an impact in the NCAA Tournament.

Direct download: Doctor_and_Dude_Show_2_13_13.mp3
Category:2013 -- posted at: 10:08pm CDT

The Super Bowl is over and we have a new champion, but it isn't the one that the boys were expecting.  They break down the game, talk about how a few of the props turned out, and project what might happen with both teams next season.  Plus, what's going on in the world of ACC Basketball?

Direct download: Doctor_and_Dude_Show_2_6_13.mp3
Category:2013 -- posted at: 10:24pm CDT

The Super Bowl is here, and with it come all kinds of crazy prop bets for your betting enjoyment.  How many touchdown passes will Joe Flacco throw? What will be the first turnover of the game?  What color of Gatorade will be dumped on the winning coach?  The boys answer all these questions (and even give predictions about which team will win the game) in this week's show.

Direct download: Doctor_and_Dude_Show_1_30_13.mp3
Category:2013 -- posted at: 12:40am CDT

One of the world's biggest sporting events is only two weeks away, and the Doctor and Dude have it covered from every angle. The boys take a look at some of the early line movement for the Super Bowl, reflect on the championship games from last weekend, and even peruse the odds for MVP candidates. Plus, bloodsports with the Dude!

Direct download: Doctor_and_Dude_Show_1_23_13.mp3
Category:2013 -- posted at: 11:22pm CDT

Only four teams remain, so the boys have plenty of time to break down the conference championship games in the NFL from every angle. Plus, the Dude dusts off his German to examine some upcoming soccer lines.

Direct download: Doctor_and_Dude_Show_1_16_13.mp3
Category:2013 -- posted at: 10:20pm CDT

After all they hype, Alabama won the BCS Championship in a rout over the hapless Irish.  The Dude takes some time to gloat about Notre Dame's big loss, then the boys try to pick some winners in the NFL playoffs.

Direct download: Doctor_and_Dude_Show_1_9_13.mp3
Category:2013 -- posted at: 10:47pm CDT

2013 is here, and with it came a slew of pink slips for NFL head coaches.  The boys discuss recent firings in the NFL and point spreads for the divisional round.  Plus, who will take home the BCS national championship?

Direct download: Doctor_and_Dude_Show_1_2_13.mp3
Category:2013 -- posted at: 10:33pm CDT