The Dude is back breaking down the baseball season so far, the end of the NHL regular season, and the first round of the NBA playoffs.  He talks the NFL draft to and how to bet it.  The big announcement comes at the end though as the Dude lays out the future of the show and gets ready for his summer vacation.  Check out the show to learn about what's coming up in the future for the Doctor and Dude Show!

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The Final Four is final and Wrestlemania has been pinned, so the Dude, going it alone, is moving his sights to baseball, with stops in the NBA, NHL, and recapping the NCAA tournament, including his final record against the spread and the winner of our bracket challenge.  Hats off to the winners and scorn on the losers (including one Dude).  Check it out now!

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The Dude is going it alone this week to tackle the big events of the weekend, the Final Four and Wrestlemania!  He talks a little NBA and NHL, discusses proper rioting technique, and makes promises about talking baseball that he may or may not keep.  He's a little quick on the trigger (sorry ladies), but he'll be on the road for Wrestlemania so this one goes up early.  Check it out now!

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The Dude is all worked up to talk about Wrestlemania and all other shows surrounding it in this special edition of the Doctor and Dude Show.  He's even more excited to be joined by Gabe Sapolsky of Evolve and Dragon Gate USA to talk about those great shows and Wrestlecon, which is taking place all Wrestlemania weekend.  He and the Dude discuss the great action and then the Dude breaks down all of the Wrestlemania betting odds to have you ready for the big show.  Check out this big special episode!

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